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Are you struggling khổng lồ write an essay about your dream house? Don’t worry! This article about a dream house will equip you with all the essential tools needed khổng lồ write a descriptive essay about the dream house.

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What Is an Essay About My Dream House

An essay on the “house of my dreams” is writing about the perfect house where you hope you are going khổng lồ live in the future. It will include all the details from the structure of the house lớn the màu sắc of linen used. You will be writing about a place that will make you comfortable & happy.

Why You Need to Write an Essay About House of Your Dream

It is essential to write about your dreams và especially about your house. It will not only help people in understanding your goals such as your future house but your personality too. The essay that describes your dream house will always be a source of motivation for you in achieving it.







How khổng lồ Start an Essay About Dream House?

Make Topic Research

Doing topic research before writing an essay is very important. Lớn write a dream house essay in English, you must first visualize the entire house in your mind. Then it would help if you decided what details & how many details you want khổng lồ include in your dream house essay. These will include the words or phrases that you want to lớn include.

Create a Writing Plan

Planning before writing not only saves time but helps you in organizing your ideas. You will have to spend some time in developing a basic outline of your essay. It will help you in improving the flow of your writing và will help the reader in visualizing your dream house.

Outline Writing

As discussed before, having a writing plan proves to lớn help bring your thoughts on a piece of paper. An outline ofmy dream house essay will be lượt thích a blueprint that will serve as a guide when you sit down to write the actual essay.

An example of the essay outline that describes your house can be:

IntroductionBody Paragraph 1: Details about the exterior of the houseParkingLawnGateEntranceBody Paragraph 2: Details about the interior of the houseRoomsKitchenDiningBathroomLoungeFamilyConclusion

You should feel không tính tiền to include as many details or points as you wish or deem appropriate. With that said, make sure the flow is logical và the essay segues smoothly from the introduction to lớn the toàn thân and then to the concluding part.

Writing body toàn thân Paragraphs

Your dream house essay should engage the readers. It can be only achieved when the toàn thân paragraphs are cohesive, linked, and are in a flow. It is unnecessary to make two separate paragraphs to communicate similar ideas; hence, they should be grouped together. Topic sentences should be used along with content to tư vấn it. All the paragraphs should have a similar length. The use of transition words (such as ‘furthermore’, ‘however’, & ‘besides’) will improve the connection and flow between paragraphs. Vì chưng not use intricate sentence structure that is difficult to read & understand. Simple sentences are easier to understand and will help in visualizing the house. The dream house essay example written at the kết thúc will provide you with a better idea of how paragraphs are written.

What to Include in Dream House Essay?

Your essay should include all of the details regarding the house. It would be best if you start by putting a “my dream house paragraph” at the start, which will give the reader a basic idea or introduction. It can be followed by a paragraph of what living in a dream house would be like for you. Then you can continue by explaining the exterior, interior, and particular areas or features of the house which make the house a “dream house” for you. You can mention the tiniest details as it helps the reader in visualizing better. You can also imagine yourself living in that house và then jot down different activities that you might be carrying out, such as hosting parties & having movie nights.

How lớn Write a Conclusion for an Essay About House of Your Dream

The conclusion of the essay will give a summary of all the points you have mentioned in your essay “the house of my dream”. It will wrap up your essay in a neat manner. When concluding your essay, please vị not restate the idea or the statement that you want to have a dream house as it will be redundant. The conclusion is not supposed lớn bring any new ideas as they should only be explained in the body paragraphs.

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Finalizing Essay

Essay Revision

Once you are done writing the essay, its time lớn sit back & revise it carefully. The revision process lets you look at the essay from a fresh perspective. You can be critical while reading it. It is the rethinking phase in which you reconsider the details, địa chỉ something in case anything was missed, & reorganize the paragraphs. If you have missed details about the exciting floor tiling, while describing your dream house, now is the time to địa chỉ those.

Proofread Twice

The golden rule of writing is not relying on the first draft of an essay about a dream house or of any essay. If you are not considering this, then you are risking more than just having confused readers. What if you have made spelling mistakes or errors in the sentence structure. It might derail the reader và can hinder the visualization process of your dream house. Proofreading can help you maintain chất lượng and can help you in recognizing areas that could have been written and explained better.

Use Photo Examples

To help with the visualization process, pictures that resemble your dream house can be added. It will also ensure the attentiveness of the reader as images are better at grabbing attention. Also, the human brain can process images much faster than words. Kiểm tra out the example in the dream house college assignment written below.

Short Example of a College Essay About my Dream House


Since childhood, I have been dreaming of the perfect house that will be a place of happiness, inspiration, và peace. The idea of having a house in a noisy đô thị is something I have always dreaded. My dream house will be in the suburbs, outside the city. I would be very excited is there is a lake nearby as I adore nature. Though the house will be far from the city, that does not mean that I will live in isolation. Everything will be a walking distance, whether it is a supermarket or a car wash.

The house of my dreams will have a simple but modern design that would be appealing to lớn the eyes. I would like to have a huge lawn where I can grow my vegetables & fruits. The parking would be spacious enough for several cars. I will place modern furniture on the front porch, where we can relax & enjoy the view. The backyard will have enough space lớn hold a tiệc nhỏ and entertain at least fifty people. I have a huge family, và we are always hosting parties. I also want a pool in the backyard so that I can host pool parties.

The house will have plenty of large glass windows that will make the house bright và spacious. I will plan each detail of the interior of my house. I want it lớn be very modern and minimalistic. Bulky furniture, dark wallpapers, và bohemian décor is something that I do not want in my house.

Unnecessary furniture clutters the house and makes me claustrophobic. The hall and large living room should have enough space so that people can move around quickly. I want to have comfortable sofas và soft furry carpet on the floor. The kitchen should be large & neat, as I am fond of cooking & baking. It will be equipped with all the latest appliances khổng lồ make the whole baking process more comfortable. I would love to cook for my family on weekends. We can all sit on the large wooden dining table and enjoy the scrumptious meal.

The bedrooms will have attached bathrooms. I want a rain shower & a bathtub in every bathroom in my house. The bedrooms will have king-size, cozy beds with linen sheets. Just lượt thích the house, I want the color of the beddings lớn be light. Unlike most of the houses, I would lượt thích to have a small trang chủ theatre in my bedroom. I am not a bookworm so I might turn the room that was meant lớn be a library in a proper movie theatre so that I can host movie nights.

My dream house will be warm & welcoming. I want it to lớn be my happy place, away from all the hustle & bustle. It will fulfill my desire of living near nature. It would be a perfect place for me khổng lồ relax after a tough day at work. I wish that one day I can build this house và live in it.

How to Get the Best Essay About My Dream House

Buy Pre-written Essay Examples on The Topic

You can quickly get pre-written my dream house essays on several websites for minimal costs. It will save you time và energy. Do kiểm tra out essays on Essay Zoo as they provide unique essays for sale.

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Use Edu Jungles khổng lồ Write Your Essay from A Scratch

If it is difficult for you khổng lồ describe a house in your essay, you can always use gamize.vn, which will help in writing your essay from scratch. It is the best website you can find when you tìm kiếm for write my essay in 8 hours for cheap & hit search.