Describe your favorite movie essay , that shows the quality of the favorite films that young people love & accept their views frequently, what are the reasons for their love and preference for these films, & whether they are present it in cinemas with friends or with your family members or your own.

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I am a student in stage ……. I love watching movies so I go khổng lồ the cinema every week và it is the weekend, and my favorite film which I enjoy when I watch it is Science fiction film, because science fiction films develop a person’s thinking, & I usually lượt thích to go lớn the movies with my friends.

While my sister’s favorite film is romantic, she likes romantic films that talk about emotional problems. My sister loves these films because she knows many of the problems of teenagers và how to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with these problems và identify the correct ways lớn solve emotional problems.

My mother’s favorite film is the social film. She likes to lớn watch social films because these films present special problems for the family và the relationship of the husband to his wife, as well as the father’s relationship with the sons và the relationship of the children with each other, và also the problems of adolescents & the role of both the family & the school in solving these problems Related khổng lồ drug use, và other things that harm the health & psychological health of young people.

My father’s favorite film is the historical film. My father loves historical films because we know the important historical events of previous years and the effects of these events on humanity, especially films dealing with wars such as World War I and World War II.

My favorite movie essay

Undoubtedly, there are many of my favorite famous films that are shown a lot on the cinema screen or on TV. But there is only one movie shown every year on New Year’s Eve that is beloved by all of us and we cannot get bored of it và it is trang chủ alone.

This wonderful film describes a naughty child who has many naughty sisters, due to pressure and lack of attention from the mother, who forgets him alone at trang chủ and faces thieves and dangers in a funny, intelligent và planning way.

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Since my childhood, this film represents a lot khổng lồ me, whether from the comedic aspect or the intellectual aspect and the development of intelligence.

I found the story completely intricate & a wonderful performance by all the heroes, a creative portrayal that brings you into the atmosphere & makes you feel all the funny, sad và terrifying feelings.

I can say that this is my favorite movie that always makes me fall in love with it and I never get tired of watching it.

Describe your favourite movie essay

My favorite movie is Brave Heart, starring the great Mel Gibson. It was filmed in the nineties, but it is constantly shown on TV. I love this great work very much, there are many wonderful things in it such as, love, sincerity, trust, treachery, dream, sacrifice, ambition and planning.

The film presents many aspects of the qualities that exist in life, whether for the period contemporaneous with the events of the film, or khổng lồ this day with different titles, names và jobs.

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I liked the ending very much and found it realistic & did not have a wide imagination that underestimated the mind of the viewer.

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