How To Write A Good Cv And Land Your Dream Job?


Dream Job Essay: Every one of us wants lớn be something when we grow up. We dream to lớn achieve something big right from our childhood. There are millions of job professions lớn choose from. Và a specific profession we choose is called a Dream Job.

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We all have one or the other kind of a dream job that we would lượt thích to vày one day. You might get this inspiration from either someone in your family, a role model or someone whom you really admire, or even from some situations you have faced.

Having a dream job would definitely help you lớn be on track khổng lồ achieve your goal in life and aim lớn be there.

We all have dreams that we want to fulfill at one point in our lives. However, this is not easily achieved, but we always have lớn work hard for it.

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My Dream Job – Doctor

Right from my childhood, I dream of being a doctor. The reason for this is I have seen the plight of poor people who die because they cannot afford the costly medical treatments. Poor people suffered a lot without advanced healthcare facilities and this incident inspired me to lớn choose the medical profession as there is no greater service than providing healthcare to the sick. I decided to pursue my career in medicine.

The medical profession is such a noble profession in which you can serve humanity và also live a luxurious life too.

Also, I’m always curious to lớn study topics related khổng lồ the human body. How doctors understand the illness & how they treat people successfully has always fascinated me. My all-time favourite subject is biology.

Though making a career in the medical field is not an easy task. I will study day và night to achieve the desired position.

What Will I bởi After Being a Doctor?

After completing the medical degree I have planned lớn serve the poor people of my village. Poor people face lots of fatal diseases and can’t afford better treatment. Honestly speaking I would plan some special days on which I will treat all the poor people either không tính phí of cost or at minimum cost. So that at least they don’t die without any treatment.

Conclusion on Dream Job Essay

The doctor is the most respected profession of all. My dream is lớn be a Doctor & serve the people who cannot afford the costly treatments. I want to lớn be recognized for my generosity.

Becoming a doctor, I would save several lives and their families. The satisfaction and inner peace of saving lives go far beyond the feeling of anything.

People say that doctors are next to lớn God who can perform miracles. Being a doctor is an honor of a lifetime. During times of health crisis, people rely only on two: God & doctors.

A Doctor takes away the pain and sufferings of others by giving them medical treatment và healthcare. As a doctor, you are a source of happiness for many people & their families. When you give happiness to lớn others, you too will receive the same.

Becoming a doctor is not just a great career but a reason for happiness too.


Short Essay on Dream Job

What is a Dream job?

A dream job is a career that is a combination of activity, skill or passion with a money-making opportunity. Dream jobs include any profession like acting or playing music, or any high-paying & prestigious jobs as a doctor or lawyer.

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Why should we have a Dream job?

Dream Job gives us the energy to bởi vì things that can make us reach your dreams. A dream can help to give motivation, having no motivation is similar to lớn having no desire or inspiration to achieve a goal.

The first requirement that can help to lớn achieve your dreams is lớn set the right goals. One can definitely achieve their dream if the right goals are set. Setting a goal is like planning every step and taking one right step at a time.

Having a specific aim is the most important thing lớn achieve success in life. All of your dreams won’t come true, but still, you shouldn’t stop dreaming.

My Dream khổng lồ Become a Teacher

Different people have different types of dreams & my dream is khổng lồ become a teacher. I always wanted to vì something productive in my life. I loved to teach the kids và impart my knowledge to lớn others. And finally, I realised that it is my passion. People might dream of becoming a college professor or university teacher, but I prefer khổng lồ become a very normal school teacher.

I want to lớn spend the rest of my life teaching lots of kids and students. And I am working hard to lớn make my dream come true.

Why I Want khổng lồ Become a Teacher

There are so many reasons behind why I chose to lớn teach as my dream job. The first reason that I have mentioned is I love teaching. I want lớn live a very simple life và I know the job of a teacher will provide me with that.

Another major reason is that I want to make a difference in our education system. Our education system has many flaws and I want lớn fix that. It will not be easy, but that’s my ultimate goal in my life. I want lớn bring changes to lớn the system of teaching style so that children find education as interesting, not a burden.

This profession also has pretty good job security & a good income too.

As I want khổng lồ become a teacher I need to focus on my education first. But in my leisure time, I love to teach.

And finally, after being a teacher I will serve the unprivileged kids and start my own school too for street kids.


Overall I am very serious và focused on my dream job. I want to lớn make my dream true. Teaching is a noble profession & they are the person who leads the nation from the front. Teachers are responsible for the future of the country.

FAQ’s on Dream Job Essay

Question 1. Why vì chưng you choose Teacher as Your Dream Job?

Answer: My dream job is khổng lồ become a teacher, as I feel that it is a very noble job. A job that can change society và also mould the youth of the country. Teaching always keeps you around the young children. A teacher can really change the world as these children become successful grown-up men or women tomorrow. They are responsible for the better future of the country.

Question 2.

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Why is a Dream Job important?

Answer: Dream Job gives you a sense of completion. You know the job you are doing is having an impact & you are truly serving your purpose. You enjoy doing youtube work with full enthusiasm, not with a burden. You feel energized by your job.