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Write a paragraph of about 100-120 words on how to lớn protect the environment & save natural resources


Protecting the environment includes the indoor environment & indoor air quality. One way to protect the indoor environment is not khổng lồ bring indoors any products with surfactants in them. This means switching to safe, non-surfactant cleaners and laundry products. Another way of protecting the indoor environment is not khổng lồ bring in grooming products that contain phthalates or other volatile organic chemicals or persistent organic particles in them. This means switching to lớn safe, phthalate-free & VOC/POP-free grooming products. This also means switching from manufactured "perfume" fragrances to lớn natural essential oil fragrances, the original perfume material.

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Another way is not khổng lồ bring in bleached recycled paper or plastic products. This includes most food packaging boxes, even organic ones (except for those that have switched khổng lồ non-bleach/chlorine recycling process products), most meat & poultry trays & plastic wraps, most egg cartons, most ice cream cartons, most recycled school loose-leaf và notebook paper, most plastic bags. Another way is not khổng lồ walk into the house with your shoes on. The EPA has determined that more than 50 percent of indoor air toxicity comes from petrochemical particulates tracked onto carpets from shoes (worsened when shoe soles are constructed from petrochemical based materials).

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Draconian, drastic measures are needed to lớn protect both the outdoor environment and the indoor environment. If our mega-scale free market system worked, we could demand unsafe materials be taken out of production & easily improve indoor air environments, but it doesn"t, & we take what we are given while advertising campaigns convince us that what is given is great và the best and that which is what lớn covet.

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It’s a common sense that fossil fuels and non-renewable sources play a vital role in our daily life. They include oil, coal, natural gases, which produce energy và can be seen in every part of life.However, people are using it too much và they are running out, which may make a severe energy crisis around the world. Pollutants released during burning fossil fuels cause air pollution, which affect people’s health & humans’ life. To prevent this from happening, there are some following suggestions. First và for most, reduce the amount of fossil fuels for energy by walking, cycling and using public transport instead of cars or motorbikes. Besides, don’t waste energy, turn off lights before going out or switch off appliances when you don’t use them. Secondly, scientists & government should bởi research and expand the use of renewable sources such as wind power, solar energy or wave energy, etc. These powers are not only sustainable but green and not produce waste. Finally, awareness should be raised among citizens, especially in education and neighborhood.In conclusion, If people join hands to vày big things, we can save the earth from destruction.