Who is neighbour?Why are neighbours essential?Who is your next-door neighbour?What are the main traits of him?What type of life does he lead?

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A Neighbour is a person who lives nearby. Man cannot live alone. That is why every moment he needs a neighbor. He needs to chia sẻ joys and sorrows with others. A neighbor is sometimes the more important person than relatives & friends. Neighbours can be good or bad. A good neighbor can make your living place more pleasant. On the contrary, a bad neighbour is a curse. Luckily, I have a good neighbour whose name is Mr. Monir Hossain. He is both a businessman và a social worker. He lives our next door. He is a man of some good qualities. He is honest & very helpful khổng lồ others. He is involved in many social activities. I am very respectful of him. He has two nice kids. His wife is an affectionate lady. She often comes khổng lồ my house và gossips with my mother very friendly. She loves me very much. Also, I have a deep friendship with their two kids. In our special occasion, we invite them on a personal level. They also invite us for a casual khổng lồ visit them. We both families approach each other in danger and share joys and sorrows. I am happy và really proud of my neighbor.

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Who is neighbour?Why are neighbours essential?Who is your next-door neighbour?How does he behave with you?What are the main traits of him?What type of life does he lead?How vị you feel about your neighbour?

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A person who lives nearby is called a neighbour or next-door neighbour. Normally he lives in a house or apartment. As a social being, man cannot live alone. He has to live with other neighbours to share joys và sorrows.

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A neighbour is a more important person than even relatives & friends because he is available all the time nearby. Neighbours can be good or bad. Some neighbours are self-centered while others are co-operative. Blessed are those who have good neighbours.. Having a bad neighbor is a curse. He always disturbs others khổng lồ live in peace. Fortunately, I have a good neighbor whose name is Surja Kanti Das. He lives opposite our house. He is a school teacher. He is a very intelligent và educated person. He possesses a number of good qualities. From my childhood, I have learned many things from him. He has four children- two sons và two daughters. His eldest son is my classmate. He is meritorious và helpful. We play together & pass our leisure time gossiping. His parents are friendly with my parents. All the members of his family are good. They come khổng lồ our house in special occasion. We also visit them frequently. Whenever I face any difficulty in my study I go khổng lồ my uncle, Surja Kanti for the solution. He affectionately solves my problem. I respect him a lot. Father of Surja Kanti Das is a very religious man. He gives us good advice to study well and behave well with others. In time of danger, both the families approach each other. Both families live happily for a long time in this way. I am really proud of having a nice neighbor lượt thích him.