Everyone has an ambition in his life; some of us want khổng lồ become doctor, engineer etc & some want to lớn get good marks in exams. If our goals appear in our mind which doesn’t let us sleep is known as dream. What we think about achieving the goal is reflected in our dream. It is our dream which drives us to convert it into a reality. As we know it was the dream of our freedom fighters khổng lồ make our India independent, hence by regular efforts they turned their dream into reality by getting independence.

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Our dreams give us positive energy to bởi everything khổng lồ achieve it. Dreams come to every living being including humans và they have the capacity khổng lồ turn their dreams into reality.

Ten Lines on My Dream in English

We have provided ten lines on my dream in English. After reading these lines you will know what a dream is, what a dream does khổng lồ us, what is my dream, how I will fulfill my dream, what I am doing lớn fulfill my dream etc.

You can use these lines if you have khổng lồ write an essay on my dream or a short paragraph on my dream. These lines will also be helpful khổng lồ write my dream essay for class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4.

10 Lines on My Dream – mix 1

1) Dream is an inspiring picture of the future which comes in our mind.

2) Dream is that kind of feeling which does not let us sleep.

3) Our dreams empower us to vì chưng everything lớn achieve it.

4) As everybody has a dream so I also have a dream in my eyes.

5) I want to lớn be a cricketer in the Indian cricket team.

6) I want khổng lồ be an all rounder in the team who can bat và bowl.

7) I want lớn show my best performance so that I could defeat my opponent.

8) I have also dreamt of lifting world cup for my team.

9) to achieve this dream, I have also taken admission in a cricket academy.

10) I am practicing very hard lớn become best in my game.

We have provided another set of ten lines on my dream. After going through these lines, you can know that what a dream means, what is a passion, what dream works for us, what is my dream, what I want khổng lồ make India in the world, what menace I will over from India, which things I will give to every citizen, what will happen to the enemies of India etc.

You can use these lines in your speeches and extempore in the school competitions. These lines could be also used in the paragraph recitation in class:

10 Lines on My Dream – set 2

1) A dream is a kind of plan or goal which we want khổng lồ achieve in the future và it is the vision of our life.

2) When our dream does not let us lớn sleep, it changes into our passion.

3) Our dream is the driving force which energizes us to bởi vì each and everything lớn achieve it.

4) Everybody has the dream to become successful and rich but my dream is quite different from those people.

5) My dream is that I want lớn become the Prime Minister of India & will serve my country with all my efforts

6) My dream is I want to lớn see India to lớn be admired as world leader or “Vishwa Guru” in the world.

7) I will try lớn drive out poverty, corruption & all the menace which are hampering my country’s growth.

8) I will vày everything to lớn provide food, clothing, house and jobs khổng lồ everyone.

9) Every citizen will be treated equally in my regime without any discrimination of caste, sex, religion etc.

10) India of my dream will be strongest and no enemy will dare to see us with bad intention.

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Below we have provided 3rd mix of 10 Lines on My Dream for your information. These points have been written in simple language to lớn make them easily memorable & presentable. The special lines have been written effectively so that you can earn applause from your teachers và classmates.

10 Lines on My Dream – set 3

1) My dream is lớn become a doctor to serve the poor và vulnerable.

2) I have already started planning to make my dream come true.

3) I devote a good amount of my time to studies so that I can make my dream come true.

4) Not a day goes without my thinking on how lớn realize my dream.

5) My school and teachers provide a strong base to lớn make my dreams come true.

6) My dream often makes me put an extra effort every day.

7) When I become a doctor I will provide không tính phí medical care in remote villages.

8) I think my dream is a noble one và will be good for the society & the nation as well.

9) l have resolved lớn myself that I will never chiến bại faith in my dream.

10) My dream is my life’s goal & I will achieve it at any cost.

Below we have provided 4th set of 10 Lines on My Dreams for your information and knowledge. These special lines have been written in simple & easy language. You can easily memorize these lines & present it in front of your teachers to lớn impress them.

10 Lines on My Dream – phối 4

1) I have, till now kept my dream a secret up khổng lồ myself.

2) Despite keeping it a secret, I am tirelessly working khổng lồ make my dream true.

3) My dream requires hard work & a strong determination.

4) Realizing my dream will not only help me, but also my family & friends.

5) I will be a disciplined student & study hard to lớn make my dream come true.

6) Only one of my close friends knows about my dream.

7) My dream is very close lớn my heart and is one of my life’s ambitions.

8) Realizing my dream will help me in development of my native village.

9) I will not hesitate from taking help of anyone, in realizing my dream.

10) Even when my dream is realized, I will never forget my roots.

Dreams vị not let us sleep but some people have the habit of “Day Dreaming”. They keep on dreaming that they have become rich, they have all comforts and they are living like a king. But in fact if you want khổng lồ convert your dream into reality then you should focus on it with dedication và hard work.

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Dreams are starting point và they are the meant lớn achieve our goal. People who do not relax until they achieve their dream are the ones who taste the success and achieve their goal of life.