Paragraph on my best friend


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My Best Friend Paragraph <250 Words>

A true friend is a precious thing. Without a friend, life is dull và boring. A best friend is the one with whom we can mô tả our feelings & thoughts. I am very fortunate that I have a best friend. Kabir is my best friend. He is my class fellow & lives near my house.

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He is smart và intelligent. Kabir is a brilliant student in the class. He is punctual & disciplined. Teachers love him so much. Kabir’s aim is to be an engineer.

He is not only a good student but also good at sports. His favorite trò chơi is football. He participates in the annual school sports every year và wins many prizes. He loves drawing và singing. In the evening we play together in the playground. 

Kabir is the only child of his parents. His father is a school teacher & his mother is a housewife. Kabir belongs lớn a respectable middle-class family. Kabir’s parents & my parents are friends too. We often have our dinner together. We use to go to lớn each other’s houses regularly.

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Kabir is very polite and well-mannered. He never argues with me on any matter. He always respects our elders. He is very entertaining in nature & makes me laugh through funny jokes.

We are made for each other. He is much similar lớn me in many aspects. We both help each other in our studies. He is my well-wisher & encourages me to bởi better in every aspect of life. I’ve learned so much from him. I never want to thua him.

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My Best Friend Essay 10 lines

1. I have many friends but Riya is my best friend.2. She is my classmate.3. She lives near my house.4. She is a brilliant student in the class.5. She always helps me with my studies.6. Her favorite subject is English.7. She likes drawing & singing.8. She wants to be a good teacher.9. She is very polite and well-mannered.10. I love him very much.

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