" How can you protect the environment ?" Write a paragraph about 100-130 words to express your opinion.

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Nowadays, environment is one of the most concerned. In this essay, I will suggest some steps each of us can take and some ways lớn motivate others to vì chưng the same.

Firstly, the most common way is lớn use cloth bags instead of plastic bags because plastic is harmful to lớn the natural environment. The second way is recycle. Recycling helps reduce pollution and keep our natural resources. Therefore, we can recycle plastic bottles, cans, & paper instead of throwing waste. Moreover, we can reduce pollution by using public transport. Vehicle traffic is a major contributor khổng lồ noise pollution và smog. Also, we can turn off appliances, light & water when we don not use. Finally, we can appeal khổng lồ everyone for tư vấn for the environmental campaign.

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In conclusion, khổng lồ prevent the environment from being polluted, we can protect with the above ways.

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