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Hello everyone, today I"d like to tell you some information about types and sources of energy. Energy is classified into two main groups: renewable & non-renewable.The energy generated from natural sources such as the sun, wind, rain, và tides is called renewable energy. They are plentiful và can be generated again và again. They also have low carbon emissions so they are considered green và environment-friendly. Moreover, using renewable energy can reduce your electricity bills. Unfortunately, solar energy can be only used during the daytime but not during night or the rainy season. Geothermal energy also can bring toxic chemicals beneath the earth"s surface to lớn the top và can create environmental changes.Non-renewable energy is the energy taken from other sources that are available on earth.They are limited & will run out in the future. They can"t be re-generated in a short time.Fossil fuels - natural gas, oil & coal - are examples of them. They are cheap & easy khổng lồ use. However, when burnt, they release toxic gases in the air so they cause serious environmental changes such as global warming. And the important thing is that non-renewable sources will expire someday.

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 energy is one of the most important things in our life, so we should save energy. Firstly, turn off all of electric appliances when we go out. Secondly, we should use public transport or go to lớn work on foot in stead of going by car. Thisdly, we ought lớn reduce the use of fossil fuels. Finally, we"d better take a shower instead of a bath. Saving energy not only helps us save money but also protects our environment.

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(Nowadays, energy is beingrunout more và more. We need to save energy because nobody of us can liveswithout energy. So why don"t we startto doit right in our home?We have many ways to save energy in our home. One of those ways is using electricity, water and gas economically. Such as we should turn off the light in room when we go out or in unnecessary situations, avoid wasting water, shut the kitchen stove when stop cooking.Besides, we should use electrical equipments whichisareenergy - saving. Such as using lights andfansthat have low capacity, or using equipments which reserve electricty. Not onlydothese help us to save money but also they work effectively.In addition, we should frequently check electrical equipments in our home in order khổng lồ fix opportunely .

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Insummary, we need to lớn save energy so that energy isn"trunout và continues to serve human"s life.