Write a description of a room in your house


Do you want me to lớn tell you about my favorite room in my house. It is my bedroom.

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a paradise, my room isthe only place where I feel free, warm & comfotable for relaxing after a tiring day at school. My room has a special design with the dominant màu sắc is blue - makes you feel cozy. It is a splendid bedroom because it was decorated by myself. My room looks warm and airy with a huge window which has a great view of the garden. There are some lovely picture on the wall, too. There are a máy vi tính and a desktop on my table that serve for my studies at school and at home, too. My bed is placed in the corner of the room. There are also some boxed which contain some old things và many stamps.

I think that my sharing will help you lớn know moreabout me.




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Dear trang!

How are you ? I"m very happy to lớn receive your e mail. Now I will tell you about my favourite room in my house.

Now,I"m staying with my parents in a big house.There are 3 floors with many rooms in my house.But I my bedroom best. It"s on the second floor.My bed is in the middle of the room. On my bed are 2 pillows,a pink bedspread và a blanket.Beside the bed is a night table with a clock and a lamp on it.There is a shelf above the bed. Many books are on the shelf. My desk is at the corner. On the table is a desklamp and a shelf of some tools for my learning.There is a chair near the table. Next to lớn my desk is a big window. There are some plants on the window frame. The pink curtain is in front of the window.In my bedroom,there is a wardrobe with a lot of drawers & closets. To lớn the left is a toy chest with many teddybears và books.The clock is on the wall.There are some photographs of me and my family under the clock. Và the air-conditioner is nearthe clock. My bedroom is yellow.It"s very large & comfortable. That is the reason why I love my bedroom the most in my house.

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What is your house ? Write khổng lồ me more about it next time.Bye!!!


thao vy

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Having your own bedroom is not easy in a big family . I live in a small apartment consists of five rooms. So one of the best options is to lớn stay with my younger dễ thương sister . I’ll try lớn give a full mô tả tìm kiếm of my bed room . It is my favorite place .

I am a big fan of my bedroom because my mother let me vày what I wanted with it . So I painted it purple và put up lots of pictures on the head of my bed . The ground is made of white marble & in the middle there is a purple rug with yellow & light purple flowers . My curtains are expensive . They are light purple . My wardrobe is big but it isn’t mirrored .My bed is single with one pillow and two purple and navy pink cushions và there are two side table on each side of the bed . On them I put a picture of my parents & beautiful ornaments . My bed is covered with bright và shine duvets that Mach with my room color.At the corner there is a big sofa . It’s my favorite place in my room where are I usually watch TV và compete with my younger sister with play station .

My dressing table next to lớn my wardrobe. It’s full of my ảo diệu , perfumes , accessories & jewelry . On the đứng top of my dressing table there are two white shelves . On them there are two big colored boxes .

On the corner of my desk , I put my máy tính and my printer ., on the top of my disk , there are three boxes hanging on the wall . I put magazines and stories and the other one you can see amazing dolls , and the third one there is a box full of pens,pencils,and stationary .

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This is my room. The room is not too large, its area is only about 16m. On the left side of the room there is a bed. On the right side of the room there is a wardrobe and next khổng lồ the wardrobe there is a fan. Opposite the door there is the shelf & next to the shelf there is desk. Under the desk there is a small drawer where I put the bag and all my school supplies in . Above the desk there is a window, this window lighting the whole room during the day, so I just need to lớn turn on the lights at night.