Which Music Genre Best Describes Your Music Taste?


This quiz is a phối of questions designed to lớn determine which music genre you identify with most.It covers a wide range of genres so you"re guaranteed to find the right one for you!

What is your taste in music?.Do you enjoy a good pop song,a nice tune or are you more of rock guy or metalhead.Would you prefer a sick rhyme or are you more of a folk,country or blues type of person.

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What is your age? Under 18 Years Old 18 to lớn 24 Years Old 25 lớn 30 Years Old 31 khổng lồ 40 Years Old 41 khổng lồ 50 Years Old 51 lớn 60 Years Old Over 60 Years OldWhat is your gender? Male FemaleHow bởi vì you feel about lyrics? I enjoy lyrics that that are deep & metaphorical. I don"t really care about lyrics.I prefer the sound of a guitar riff or a drum solo instead. I like songs with quick lyrics that rhyme and flow. I prefer instrumental or melodic music. I don"t care about lyrics.As long as the song/tune is catchy i"m happy I like lyrics that are straightforward và where the meaning of the tuy nhiên is obvious.Which of these adjectives best describe your music playlist Peaceful,Calm,Chill Loud,Raw energy,Intense Elegant,Gentle,Complex Smooth,Rhythmic,Flowing Simple,Sentimental,Happy Deep,Blue,MoodyWhat"s your opinion on using electronic sounds in music? I love electronic music! I prefer a beat with rhyming lyrics. Maybe a small bit but it shouldn"t be the main part of the song I like pop music that implements EDM. I prefer acoustic sounds such as those in Folk/Country/Blues I lượt thích to listen to electric blues/nu metal.What type of artists vì chưng you usually listen to? Singer/songwriters,duets.solo. Bands Producers/DJ"s Composers,symphonies Rappers/Hip hop artists Pop singers,Boy/Girl bands,When/Where vì you listen to lớn music? When I workout,do cardio or any physical activity. In a club or at a party. While relaxing,reading,meditating etc On the radio,Top 40 on MTV,Whenever! At a concert,I enjoy going to lớn rock/metal concerts. I have a wide range of tastes so I listen khổng lồ music in many places.

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Which of these vị you experience the most when you listen lớn music? Beat drops/tunes or beats Guitar riffs and solos/Drums Acoustics e.g acoustic guitar or piano Banjo,Voice with a country "twang",sentimental lyrics Sick rhymes Harmonic symphonies,violins,Time khổng lồ get stereotypical!Which of these demographics vì chưng you most strongly belong to? Straight white teen-age/adult male. Gay male/teenage girl. Adult/teen-age african-american. Hipster/people with obscure tastes. Teenage rebel,asocial,outcasts. Christian,Family is important to you,Which era is the music you enjoy from? Modern (2010-) 90"s 80"s 70"s 60"s Before 60"sWhich of these adjectives best describes you? Happy,social,outgoing Well educated,intelligent,complex Aggressive,masculine,alpha Sensitive,emotional,deep. Family person,religious (christian), Happy,social,outgoingWhich genre bởi you think you belong to? Pop EDM Blues RnB Hip Hop/rap Other

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Quiz topic: Which music genre best describes my music taste?

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