What Type Of Food Do You Like Most?


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1 What kind of food do you prefer?There are different types of food. What kind of food bởi you prefer? I prefer food that can help stay healthy that is good for my health that is well cooked that is sweet that looks nice that smells good that tastes good.

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2 To be honest, I only eat food that tastes good.Bạn đang xem: What kind of food vì chưng you like answer?Are you in agreement with what he says? Actually, some food that tastes really good is bad for our health. It’s important to eat a balanced diet. I prefer lớn eat…I prefer not khổng lồ eat too much/many…


3 Before reading Look at the diets of the two people. Discuss which diet is healthier and why. Jack’s Diet He prefers: khổng lồ drink coffee khổng lồ eat white bread & rice to lớn eat sweet desserts Linda’s Diet She prefers: to drink water to eat brown bread và rice to lớn eat fruit và fish




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6 Are the following statements true or false?1. Peter only eats tasty food. 2. Tony prefers to eat much fried food. 3. Laura never eats sugar. 4. Peter loves khổng lồ eat meat that’s well cooked. 5. Laura eats meat và fried food. 6. Tony thinks having a good balance is very important. F T T F T

9 But I prefer not to eat too much food that is fried.And I think most people are in agreement that fruit và vegetables are good for health. I would say that fast food itself isn’t always bad for you, but too much of it is not good. Actually, did you know that it’s been found in laboratory testing that some types of oil are really bad for us. I’ve heard that eating burnt food lượt thích this can increase the risk of cancer. People who eat a balanced diet should be healthier than those who only eat biscuits and hamburgers.

10 Careful reading: Use the information from the conversation lớn match the phrases with each English meaning. Lớn be honest taste good be fried stay away from be in agreement actually increase risk type be cooked in oil don’t eat agree lớn tell the truth put something in the mouth and it’s delicious kind danger in fact make … larger

11 water, fruit, vegetables, nuts, meat, fishWrite down each type of food or drink from the reading in the correct column. THINGS THAT ARE GOOD FOR US THINGS THAT ARE BAD FOR US cola, French fries, fast food, sugar, sweet dessert, oil, burnt (barbecued) meat, biscuits, hamburgers water, fruit, vegetables, nuts, meat, fish

12 Summary Peter’s main opinion: Laura’s main opinion:Tony’s main opinion: He doesn’t mind eating burnt food. She is a vegetarian. Having a balanced diet is important.

14 Main phrases: 1.更喜欢做某事 2.保持健康 3.相聚在一起 4.老实说 5.尝起来好吃 6.对……有好处/害处 7.与……保持距离 8.意见一致 9.增加……的危险性 10.即使,纵然 prefer khổng lồ do/doing sth. Keep healthy get together khổng lồ be honest taste good be good/bad for stay away from be in agreement increase the risk of even if/though

16 Learning strategy: Knowing different styles of English There are many styles of English: to lớn learn to “speak” English, read plays và novels that contain spoken language . & to learn khổng lồ “write” English , read newspaper articles. Notice the difference. Read Quickly :What’s the style of the writing?

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17 Go through the conversation & find all the language that is only used when speaking. địa chỉ cửa hàng them to the chart below. An exclamation (感叹的词/句子) A sound made to show you are thinking A tag question (反意疑问句) A contraction (缩略词) Really! Never! Oh! Yes, it is! er, Well, Hm, um don’t you? is it? shouldn’t they? isn’t it? Here’s, I’d, it’s, isn’t, that’s, I’ve, shouldn’t don’t,