There's no point




The difference is in how idiomatic or natural the expressions are, and not in the literal meanings. (I am a native American speaker; others" intuitions may differ).

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There is no point in... (idiomatic và natural) There isn"t any point in... (another natural alternative) There is not a point in... (marked and unnatural, perhaps emphatic)

I have no clue. (idiomatic và natural) I haven"t got a clue./I don"t have a clue.

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(also natural alternatives) I vày not have any clue. (marked & unnatural, perhaps emphatic)

So we could almost always use the first expressions of each pair that you provided under normal circumstances. But we just as well could use the alternatives I listed instead. Finally, the last listed expressions don"t sound right; they might only be used when we want khổng lồ emphasize.

The meanings are the same, so it"s a matter of what will sound natural.

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