No Doubt Definition And Meaning

So there is no doubt that James lost that challenge.Mr President, there is no doubt that the regulation in question is extremely important.Mr President, there is no doubt that cigarettes seriously damage your health.However, there is no doubt that some similar type of organization would be required here.Mr President, Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, there is no doubt that after forty years of armed conflict, Colombia is still seriously lacking in peace và social justice.Consequently, in relation to lớn previous situations, there is no doubt that we are making progress.Mr President, there is no doubt that European competitiveness is under considerable pressure.This has been a difficult issue, but there is no doubt that the plant must close, và further delays are unacceptable.First, there is no doubt that legal provisions in the field of food safety & animal feed safety need to be simplified.Look, there is no doubt that Hindenburg made the greatest mistake of his life. Appointing Schleicher Chancellor.And there is no doubt that fast catch up can take place.This was a very difficult matter và there is no doubt that you handled it very well.But there is no doubt that she has suffered because of your deception.But there is no doubt that some kind of links exists between the Iranian people và some Palestinians.However, there is no doubt that unfavourable climatic conditions are always an additional threat khổng lồ human health.Madam President, there is no doubt that enlargement is being promoted by the dominant powers in the European Union, for ideological và geopolitical reasons.To quote Sakharov Prize winner, Sergei Kovalev, there is no doubt that in modern terminology, these acts were crimes against humanity.Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, there is no doubt that this directive on procedures is particularly important.But there is no doubt that if this diversion comes about it is going to affect the delta of the Severino & Acheloos rivers very seriously.For the EU to lớn reach its 2020 target figures, there is no doubt that increased targeted investment in low-carbon technologies is essential.

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In the kết thúc it is no doubt important that we have a European coin.That has still not happened, but it is no doubt desirable that it should.

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It is no doubt a Pavlovian reflex that has contaminated many offices in this building, still not accepting that a different Europe is possible.Mr President, as the representatives both of the Council and of the Commission have indicated - without, however, spelling it out explicitly - there is no doubt that relations between the European Union và Russia have become problematic.As we see it, there is no doubt whatever that they can therefore lay claim to all the rights associated with that status, and must not be treated as second-class Europeans.With regard khổng lồ the identity of the Union in the eyes of its citizens, there is no doubt that its lack of legal personality & the consequences arising therefrom are factors making it difficult for citizens to lớn identify with the Union.Above all, it is no doubt true of the many people who work but who have wages too low khổng lồ live on.There is no doubt that this is a difficult business.There is no doubt that there have been vast improvements in Parliament"s performance.Nevertheless, there is no doubt that common needs do exist và we must identify them.There is no doubt that we need a legislative act here.There is no doubt that crossing the great mountain ranges of the European Union is a problem.There is no doubt that improving productivity is essential for businesses to lớn press ahead with development.There is no doubt that the election represents a crucial thử nghiệm for democracy in Ukraine.Still, there is no doubt that their sales are increasing.There is no doubt that this is a legal problem.There is no doubt that the Fourth Motor Insurance Directive needs updating after 15 years in force.There is no doubt that transporters have khổng lồ take on the obligation to verify whether foreign nationals meet entrance requirements.There is no doubt that this has been a success.So there is no doubt that James lost that challenge.

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