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School bus accidents happen much less frequently than other types of accidents, but they still occur. There is an established duty of care from the school system to keep students safe from harm, whether they’re in the classroom or being transported on a bus.

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If your child was harmed in a school bus accident, you might wonder who is to blame for the accident: the school system, the driver of the bus, or someone else? A range of factors must be taken into trương mục when determining the liable party, và it’s highly advised that you liên hệ a bus accident lawyer lớn help you examine the facts from a legal standpoint.

Questions You Will Need khổng lồ Answer in a School Bus Accident Claim

When looking at who is responsible for a school bus accident, you và your attorney will need to lớn uncover the answers to the following:

When và Where Did the School Bus Accident Happen?

The location & timing of the accident may shed some light on who was responsible và how it happened.

For example, if the bus was on an unfamiliar route, such as driving students on a field trip or khổng lồ an away sports game, the driver may have made poor decisions or there may have been unexpected road hazards. If the bus was following its regular route dropping off students at school, other factors may have been at play.

Who Else Was Involved in the Accident?

A bus may crash without any other vehicles involved, for example, if it ran off the road & hit an obstacle. This type of accident may indicate the bus driver’s kích hoạt or bus maintenance is lớn blame. But if there were other vehicles involved in the accident, those drivers may play a role in the blame.

Were There Issues With the Bus?

If the bus driver reported the bus was acting strangely before the collision or having brake issues, a mechanical problem could be the cause of the accident. In that case, the person responsible for bus maintenance or the manufacturer of its parts could be a liability for accident damages.

Were Bus Safety Protocols Followed?

There are certain safety protocols a bus driver must follow while operating their bus or after an accident occurs. The school itself must also enforce safety rules with students.

Schools must also:

Have every bus inspected twice a year Make sure buses stay in good condition Train bus employees to lớn accommodate students with special needs và disabilities Make sure drivers check safety equipment and inspect buses before trips

If any of these methods are not followed and student injuries result, the school or the driver could be responsible.

Was the Driver Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol?

Most bus drivers are responsible employees who take their care of students seriously, so this situation is rare. But there have been instances where bus drivers consume alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel. Other times, the driver might experience a side effect from a medication that impedes their ability to lớn drive safely.

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Either way, being under the influence is very serious & usually, the driver is to lớn blame, so any chance of this should be investigated immediately.


When Is the School Responsible?

Schools must provide safe transportation and follow all state safety guidelines for students in their care. That includes having buses inspected and making sure they are in good working condition before getting on the road. If these safety measures are not upheld & a bus accident results, the school can be held liable for injuries.

Even if the bus driver engages in harmful behavior, such as reckless or drunk driving, the school system’s insurance company will probably be responsible for damages, even though the driver’s actions caused the accident. That’s because the school’s duty of care includes properly screening, hiring, và training anyone they employ.

When is the Bus Driver Responsible?

As mentioned above, the school system is usually liable if the bus driver’s actions lead khổng lồ an accident. This is known as vicarious liability. Even though the driver is liable for their negligence, the school system is vicariously liable (and ultimately responsible for damages) because the accident happened during the course of work duties.

However, if the driver was not employed directly with the school và worked for a contracted company, that company would then be responsible. What the bus driver does after the accident can also play a factor in proving negligence & collecting evidence.

Other Parties Who May Be Responsible

Sometimes, a person or buổi tiệc ngọt beyond the bus driver or school system is ultimately responsible for the accident. Depending on the situation, liability could fall on any of the following:

A bus company from which the school system outsources busing services Other drivers involved in the bus accident Manufacturer of the bus or its parts Property owners or municipalities if the accident was caused by road surface conditions A drug manufacturer if the driver takes medication and experiences harmful side effects that weren’t disclosed

The liability for a bus accident can easily become complicated. Ultimately, the buổi tiệc ngọt responsible for the accident is legally liable for covering all costs of the accident in Georgia. That’s why having a bus accident lawyer can be so beneficial. An attorney trained lớn handle bus accident cases can look at your specific accident and help determine who is actually responsible.

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Georgia Sovereign Immunity Laws for School Bus Accidents

School bus accident cases can be complicated because of Georgia’s immunity laws. Sovereign immunity is a legal principle that says a government entity cannot be sued without its consent. Georgia counties, cities, government agencies, và school districts can only be sued if the government has waived its sovereign immunity.

A school bus attorney can guide you through the extra process requirements for a lawsuit against a government entity and school district.

Damages You Can Collect From a School Bus Accident

Once you & your bus accident lawyer successfully prove the liability of the responsible party, you can expect to lớn be owed compensation for your accident-related damages. In general, the recoverable damages in a school bus accident case may include:

Past and future medical bills Costs of therapy, surgeries, & medications Pain và suffering Mental anguish Disability

The evidence your lawyer collects of your damages may include bill statements, photos of your injuries, & statements from medical experts on your estimated future costs of care.

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