Letter about your last holiday

Iwent to da Nang, last August. I went with my husband, my daughter, mysister-in-law và two nieces. We went by car. We stayed for four days in a bighotel with a sea view. We could see all the beach from our room.

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First,we had a good breakfast in the hotel and then we had lunch on the beach.In the afternoon, we walked around the town & we walked to lớn the seafront.After that, we visited the fishingport và we saw “Phật Bà quan lại Âm” statue at Ling Ứng pagoda. It’s a greatmountain over the sea. In the summit, it has an excellent view.I took a lot of photos và I bought many things in the stands of the Artisan Fair that was in the sea front .
Wehad a great time. Da Nang is a wonderful place. I love it because the weather’sgood all the year.I"m looking forward to hear from you soon.Best wishes,

Wearrived here five days ago. In the early morning from sài gòn city, we got here bybus. On the way to lớn Vung Tau resort, we met a lot of our friends, who also wentthere lớn escape from the terrible heat of a crowded city. We reached Vung Taubeach only to lớn find that it had been packed with people. Although the beach wascrammed with people, we still felt more relaxed by the fresh morning air comingin from the xuất hiện sea. When we went to lớn the seaside, we could not resist thetemptation to take off our clothes và put on our swimming costumes and thenplunged into the sea. After we stopped swimming, we dug sand lớn catch littlecrabs which in no time darted into theirsand holes. I met an accident when I caught a crab. My finger bled with a deepwound.

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We stayed for fourdays in a little hotel away fromthe thành phố centre,but near the subway station.The hotel wasnice và quite cheap,around 35 euros for anight in a double room.
During the day wewalked around the city. We saw all the famous places lượt thích the “Wall ofBerlin”,”Brandenburguer Tor”, the “Reichstag”(it´s the German Parliament) & we visited very beautiful squares and very interesting neighborhoods.We also visited the Pergamo Museum,it´s an Islamic,Roman và Greek art museum.

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At night we went torestaurants and had fantastic sushi,sausages & drank a lot of German beer. Wealso went to very popular dance club,in Germany it is very popular và itselectronic music is great!We were in Watergate — it´s aclub near of Wall of Berlin.We didn´t buy any gift.
We had a greattime.Berlin is full of recent history & it is a veryinteresting city.People have anopen mind & have a freedom sensation.We only had one problem: my girlfriendlost her ID card in theairport, when we were boarding the plane.We found the ID thẻ ontime to fly.Write lớn me soon,Love,