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10 Lines on Happiness Essay in English 1. A happy life exudes positivity & joy. 2. Different people hold different opinions on Happiness. 3. Not everyone has a similar point of interest from which they derive Happiness. 4. Happiness is directly linked with love và positivity. 5. In an ideal situation, doing what one loves is the ultimate path to lớn absolute Happiness. 6. The fulfillment of personal goals & desires makes one happy. 7. It is immensely important for a person khổng lồ lead a happy life. 8. Without a happy life, one becomes exhausted và tired of daily routine. 9. The feeling of Happiness is not constant. It is lingering. 10. Happiness is subjective & cannot be tied lớn one particular thing alone. Essay on happiness for class 5 The key khổng lồ happiness lies in doing what one loves. A lot of people kết thúc up having a remorseful life, filled with regrets; this happens because they settle for something that they vì not genuinely like Irrespective of what society imposes on them. We mus
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My favourite trò chơi badminton essay

Playing games is very important for a human being. It keeps a person fit moreover it keeps him away from diseases. Children play many games. 

some of them are cricket, basketball, badminton, tennis, etc.

 Out of these games I like badminton most, this is my favorite game và it is one of the most played games in our country. 

Badminton is a game between two or four people, It is played with rackets và a shuttlecock. 

The game is either one player against one player or a team of two players. Players use rackets khổng lồ hit a shuttlecock over a net. 

The shuttlecock is made of duck feathers, this is a very good game for exercise.

 It is very interesting to lớn play this game is not only a good exercise but also builds up a strong social connection. 

People often play badminton while they are on a family picnic or any vacation. It is often played in schools, & colleges, & many national và international badminton competitions are held. 

My favourite game essay badminton

I have played many games, some of them are cricket, football, Badminton, Tennis, etc. But my favorite trò chơi is Badminton and it is one of the most played games in our country. 

I lượt thích this trò chơi because it gives me good exercise badminton is an indoor game, that is played with a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock.

Badminton is a game of two or four people players use rackets khổng lồ hit a shuttlecock over a net. The shuttlecock is made up of duck feathers, competitive badminton is always played indoors because even a slight wind can affect the movement of the shuttlecock.

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The single match court for badminton is rectangular in the shape and 13:4 meters long & 5.2 meters wide, the net is 1.5 meters long high & stretches along the width of the court as its center. 

I play this trò chơi every day with my friends. I lượt thích this game, và I want to lớn play for my country.

My hobby badminton essay in English

Badminton is my favorite among all the sports that I know badminton makes me more healthy và more active in doing something that uses speed và strength I think badminton is the most beautiful sport.

I make me goos as a healthy person because every day every time I play it my body feels good the whole day. 

It makes you good also, it includes only two pieces of equipment racket & a shuttlecock, I think that playing a sport like a badminton feels like my body become healthy. 

Playing badminton is very interesting because in every battle that you join there's excitement but at the end of the game there is only one winner and a loser.

That badminton reminds me of when my father wanted lớn teach me some techniques 

but I always hit my enemy the first badminton mix I had was gifted from my father as a birthday present the common is this sport is even it is not played always of the players they can easily remember it even they are not playing it all the time. 

The common it playing badminton is the more you play the more friends you got và a challenge came lớn have the battle lớn know if you are a great player.

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Having a sport is good because sports is more interesting than the computers & cell phones that we use playing badminton can make your toàn thân have good body strength & be active in everyday things, It can also help you lớn have new friends & a new person lớn teach you how khổng lồ play it.

Essay on my favourite thể thao badminton

Different people have different choices. Everyone likes Games according lớn their nature. Games lượt thích Cricket, Football, Hockey, Baseball, và Table tennis are famous all around the world. 

The game I lượt thích most is Badminton. Badminton is played with a lightweight racket và a shuttlecock.

It is easy to lớn learn & even play. It does not require vast space khổng lồ play. Badminton is a sport for two or four people. 

The game is either one player against one player or a team of two players against another team of two players. 

The aim of the trò chơi is lớn hit the shuttlecock over the net in a way that the other player cannot hit it back properly. Badminton is a game of speed and stamina.

I love Badminton because it is good exercise. I feel pleased & entities elastic khổng lồ play this game. I play Badminton with my sister Sometimes my parents are also involved.