Describe your favorite clothes.

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What is it like?Who gave it lớn you or where you bought it?How often you wear it?Explain how you feel about it or why you enjoy wearing it?

Sample 1 Answer of Describe Your Favorite Clothes

Life is full of good and bad memories và as my memory serves me well I vividly remember my beautiful reception dress and when everyone went awestruck when I và my husband entered the reception premises.

 I still remember it was gifted by my husband totally wrapped with love & beautifully packed but as it was unstitched, so with my little bit of modifications it really turned out well & even my husband also commented on that day that the outfit seems out of the world & really looked good on me. The blue and white màu sắc of that dress is totally unique and with bit changes, by adding glitters in its embroidery it proved as a cherry on the cake.

Even though the dress is very special to me but even after that day also I have won it approximately 2-3 times at our family wedding functions of my siblings và cousins. The best part after wearing that dress is having a very large flare và while khiêu vũ with my husband I really feel on đứng đầu of the world as just like a Queen.

Sample 2 Answer of Describe Your Favorite Clothes

I lượt thích wearing Stretched Jeans & a T-shirt with Full Sleeves. When it comes lớn bottom wear, I lượt thích the Pepe brand and for the T-Shirt, I lượt thích Monte Carlo Brands for casual wear. But for the office, I like to wear a Formal shirt và Formal trousers.

For every birthday my mother will present these clothes to me as she knows I like them the most & I used khổng lồ wait eagerly for every birthday khổng lồ receive the clothes from my mother.

I regularly wear jeans irrespective of occasion as we can use them roughly and need fewer washes

I feel Comfortable wearing the stretched Jeans while driving the car and bike và I feel confident I look handsome in those clothes.

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That You May Ask During Your Speaking Follow Up Questions By The Examiner Related to The Speaking Cue thẻ ” Describe Your Favorite Clothes “

 What is the difference between the dressing style of young people & that of old people?

Apparel is the second skin of human body whether he is young or old everyone wants to lớn look good and decent in his clothes but nowadays the Trends of young people has changed tremendously because of the trending fashion in social truyền thông whereas the elderly generation is not much affected by that & they still wear sober clothes which are not very much flamboyant as compared with the dressing sense of young ones.


Dressing style from Old people khổng lồ young people varies differently from my observation. Youth used khổng lồ try different styles like torn jeans and torn shirts and single sleeves. But when it comes to old they lượt thích to wear as formal as they can. Colors will be different like youth used khổng lồ try new & dark colors they like bit shiny & where old will go for less shiny & shady colors. But it depends on the personal interest of the people.

What kinds of clothes vị people wear after work?

Most of the time after a tiresome day the individuals get exhausted & they want khổng lồ feel relaxed while wearing the most comfortable dress at that time which is pajamas & a cool t-shirt and enjoy their evening while becoming couch potatoes và watching the TV programs.


After work at home, it is better to wear Shorts or tracks pants and Tees you can feel comfortable and free after a day with a complete suit wearing. You will be relieved and relaxed.

What kind of clothes should people wear at work?

Well it depends upon the nature of work if a person is working in the office he must be wearing a formal dress such as pant and shirt & sometimes with a tie or a suit on the other hand if a person is working in a factory he must be wearing uniform provided by the factory owner.


At work, you have to lớn be depends on the work what we bởi if we are working in an IT firm It is better lớn wear Formals và if it is a business meeting wearing a suit is a good option. If you are working in Petrol Bunk or in the factory you need to follow the dress code given by the company.

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Does personality affect how people choose what to wear?

Certainly, it is quite a subjective question and it depends upon the person’s preferences as well as moods, for instance, people having an athletic profile you really love lớn wear active group settings whereas trendy person preferred to lớn pick clothes which are in fashion despite the fact whether it looks good on him or not.


I don’t think So, But asper Studies what màu sắc and what kind of dress you wear tells your personality if you are a simple person you can go with white và casual wear if you are a stylish person you can go in dark colors & shiny clothes. But it purely depends on their personal choice