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TRỌN BỘ bí mật học tốt 08 môn ĐĂNG BÀI NGAY nhằm cùng thảo luận với những CAO THỦ trên gần như miền tổ quốc. Hoàn toàn miễn phí!With the development of technology and science rapidly now, children will easily be able khổng lồ have waste – time leisure activities. So from my point of view, I think parents should decide how teenagers spend their miễn phí time for these following reasons. First, with help of parents, children will know how lớn manage their time. When parents see their children play two much and spend their time on waste – time activities, they will recommend children to lớn study more & stop playing. Parents are experimental. So they can give suggestion for their children to lớn devide time for playing & studying more balanced. If their children have lack of studying, parents will recommend & force them to study so they can have studying time and leisure time more perfect. Second reason also is the best reason why parents always manage their children. Secondly, parents need lớn know about what information does their children access. Parents want to lớn sure about the information what their children search is good information. You know, from 2000s, the internet have been grown more and more rapidly. Và the inevitable thing is there are also good and bad information. So parents need to manage their children & help them to avoid the bad things such as drugs, killing,… They will stay away from the bad one. By parents direction, children will know what is bad information and what is good one, what is information that they need to know and what is wrong.

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And also they will have best vision for the world to lớn be a good person for community in the future. Next, under parents direction, children will have knowledge about benefits of good leisure activities và best vision for the world. They will know that doing that sports or these sports are good like football, badminton. By listening khổng lồ parents advice, they will be friendly and more joyful khổng lồ join good activities. Children will lượt thích doing outdoors activities more & they will also good at studying. And also they will have good vision for the world. They will know how to vì anythings. & their mind will be good & they will be good person. Also by carefulness of parents, they will know they need to lớn balance studying nad playing. But the reason why children always hate controling of parents is some parents don"t want to lớn release their children. They force their children study all time also night. So they hate to be controled. For conclusion, I always believe that parents need lớn decide leisure activities of their children. But in some case, parents need khổng lồ respect their children và encourage them to have fun outside. That all about my opinion in statement: " Should parents decide how their children spend their không lấy phí time ? ". Good bye & see you soon.Các chúng ta sửa bài xích hộ mình nhá