She Didn'T Say A Word As She Left The Room=> She Left

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She didn"t say a word as she left the room .

Bạn đang xem: She didn't say a word as she left the room=> she left

(Rightarrow) She left the room without saying a word .


1.I need to lớn work hard.I want lớn pass the exam (so)

2. He was the best candidate.He easily won lớn the race ( because)

3.she went lớn the shop. She couldn't find anything she liked (however)

4.he is out going. He is also help ful (and)

5.the history test is easy.It is long (but)

6.he was angry with her.He didn't say a work (therefore)

Rewrite each sentence , beginning as shown , so that the meaning stays the same .

1. Brian bought a new television . First he checked all the prices . -> Before ....

2. First Trudy red the book . Then she decided that she didn't lượt thích it . -> After ....

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1. You didn't try to answer the question . (ATTEMPT )

--> You didn't______________ aswering the question.

2. She's often driven to the supermarket by her neighbor. ( LIFT )

--> Her neighbor _________________.

3. The witness thought that I was a thief, but realised that she was wrong. ( FOR )

--> The witness ____________, but realised that she was wrong.

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Complete the story with So, Because, or Although. One night in Rio. Julian Blackbwas a very famous singer,..........he was also very lonely. In the evenings, if he wasn't playing a correct, he was usually at home alone, watching televisionand reading. ..........he knew a lot of people, he didn't have any friends. Everybody knew Julian black the singer,.........nobdy knew the real man. It was November and Julian was on a world tour with his band. They were in Rio de Janeiro. After the concert, Julian felt very tired,........he went back lớn his hotel. He was wearing his sunglasses và hat..........he didn't want people to lớn recognize him. He got into the elevator with a young woman. She looked at him,.........she didn't say anything. The elevator started going up. A moment later the elevator stopped. Julian and the woman waited,.....nothing happened. Julian pressed the emergened button, didn't work. Julian looked at the woman."What were both very worry. Julian took off his hat andsunglasses. They began lớn talk while they were waiting. "What is your name?" asked the woman. "Julian ", answered Julian. He was surprised.........she didn't know who he was. It was a nice feeling. They talked about books & television shows. An hour later, the elevator started working again. Julian got off at his floor."maybe I can see you again?" he asked."That would be nice ", said the woman. Julian went back lớn his room.........he was very tired, he couldn't sleep. He felt very happy. His life was about to lớn cchange.