San francisco lies on the coast of northern california


PET CAMBRIDGE (5)San Francisco San Francisco lies (0)_____ the coast of northern California. The earliest Europeans to

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PET CAMBRIDGE (5) San Francisco San Francisco lies (0)_____ the coast of northern California. The earliest Europeans to discover the (1)_______ were led by a Spanish explorer (2)____ name was Gaspar de Portolá. He first saw it in 1769. Surprisingly (3)____ San Francisco bay is a wonderful natural harbour, it was discovered by land (4)______than by sea. In 1849, people (5)______ in San Francisco (6)_____ lớn find gold. However, it was not the men looking for gold that got rich. The richest people (7)___ their money size owning banks & law firms & they built themselves large houses on one of the hills. This was (8)_____ as Nob Hill. Nowadays, tourists are (9)______ to San Francisco because there they can see famous places like Chinatown & the Golden Gate Bridge. Many even (10)______ the short boat trip to the island of Alcatraz khổng lồ see the former prison. Although Hoping Made area on (0) take arrived rather attracted known whose The history of shoes In the past, importance (0) ____not given lớn shoes being comfortable or fashionable. Theses early foot coverings were probably animal skins, (1)___ people tied round their ankles during cold (2)_____. We still use leather today, but ___(3) materials such as plastic or cotton are also popular, (4)____ on what is in fashion. It was only one hundred and fifty years (5)____ that people began khổng lồ wear a different shoe on each foot. Formerly, the two shoes had been straight instead of shaped & (6)_____ be worn on the left or the right foot. All shoes used to be made of hand, but now, (7)____ there are shoemakers still using their (8)_____ skills, most shoes are now machine-made in large factories. The introduction of sewing machines (9)___ the shoe industry lớn produce large (10)______ of cheaper shoes for a wider range of buyers. Depending Traditional Although Quantities Weather Ago Which Other Could Allowed Was (0) THE MUSTARD siêu thị FCE Cambridge 1 Norwich, a đô thị in the east of England, is a (0)____ shopping centre for thousands of people. In particular, visitors love lớn (1)_____ the small, unusual shops hidden away in Norwich’s narrow streets, the Mustard cửa hàng is usually high on everybody’s (2)____ of interesting shops to see. The (3)____ between mustard, a type of sauce, và Norwich (4)_____ back lớn the nineteenth century. Jeremiah Colman began to make mustard in 1814 in a nearby village. The yellow fields, full of mustard flowers whose seed were required for Colman’s factory, soon changed the appearance of the local (5)_____. The company (6)____ rapidly and in 1854 it moved lớn a suburb on the (7)_______ of Norwich. By this time, Colman’s mustard was famous in many countries. The company is still in (8)_____ và many people continue to lớn enjoy eating mustard with meat, cheese và other food. In 1973, the company opened the Mustard Shop. It is a careful reproduction of a typical mustard shop of a hundred years ago and sells a wide (9)____ of mustards. Upstairs there is a small museum where visitors can (10)____ a collection of old Colman’s posters and an exhibition (11)___ the history of mustard. It is a cửa hàng not khổng lồ be (12)_____ when visiting Norwich Goes Expanded Examine Missed liên kết Outskirts Range Explaining Explore Scenery các mục Existence Common (0)

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