All of the tigers have spots.All of us are here.None of us are deadyet.

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The three examples all sound correct when using the plural "are", rather than "is".


Unfortunately, some of my coworkers disagree with me. They believe that the quote is correct when it uses the word "is". So my question is this:

Is the motivational quote grammatically correct or should it say "all"?

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Semantically, none is neither singular nor plural. It"s less than one và much less than many.So its subject agreement is entirely arbitrary. Plus, negatives are noted for their funny grammar.

Positive quantifiers are either singular in verb agreement, lượt thích each & every, or plural, lượt thích all. None can be either, depending on context.

Every boy is playing today.Every one of the boys is playing today.Each boy is playing today.Each of the boys is playing today.

All of the boys are playing today.

None of them are playing today.

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None of them is armed.

If it quantifies a plural noun phrase, as in none of us, then it"s equivalent to the negation of a universal quantifier in many cases.

For instance,

None of us are going to lớn the party.

is equivalent to

All of us are not going lớn the party.

which is ambiguous; that"s one reason not lớn say it this way.instead of

All of us are staying away from the party.

which is unequivocally plural.

As for the motivational slogan

None of us is as smart as all of us (note, no full stop)

It"s intended khổng lồ make you think, and it seems lớn have succeeded.If you like, you can take it as short for

None of us is as smart as all of us together are.

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which is meant to lớn contrast individual intelligence with groupthink,and therefore is unequivocally singular.