Lỗi Exit Code 201 Trong Free Pascal

I have a task lớn write a program in Pascal. When I run the program, the result was exitcode 201.

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I don"t know how to fix this error.

program convertTime; uses crt; Type Jam = record hh:integer ; mm:integer ; ss:integer; end; var J : Jam; P,totaldetik,sisa : integer; begin J.hh:= 16; J.mm:= 10; J.ss:= 34; write("masukkan waktu(menit): ");read(p); totaldetik:= (J.hh*3600) + (J.mm*60) + J.ss + (p*60); J.hh:= totaldetik div 3600; sisa:= totaldetik gian lận 3600 ; J.mm:= sisa div 60; J.ss:= sisa thủ thuật 60; writeln("total the time: ",J.hh," Hour ",J.mm," Minute ",J.ss," second"); readln; end.



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As seen in other questions, the error code 201 is a range check error. Put simply, a value"s trying khổng lồ be stored where it doesn"t fit.

If, as in the linked question, you"re using the không lấy phí Pascal Compiler, integer variables are 16-bit values – they can"t go higher than 32,767.

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Your totaldetik variable looks like it would often be higher than the limit for an integer value, so you"ll need a larger variable lớn store it in. Try making totaldetik a longint instead.



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