Top 4 Reasons Why You'Re Not Sleeping Through The Night

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Many people follow schedules that require them khổng lồ work at night & sleep during the day. While some adjust to lớn this routine rather quickly, others experience trouble falling asleep in the daylight hours due to lớn a mismatch between their body’s circadian rhythm & natural light cycles. Roughly 18.5% of night shift workers meet the diagnostic criteria for insomnia, compared khổng lồ 8.6% of day shift workers.

Nailing down a daytime sleep routine can be quite challenging at first, but taking certain measures at home and practicing good sleep hygiene can expedite this process and help you get the right amount of rest.

Choosing a Daytime Sleep Routine

Most adults between the ages of 18 & 64 should receive seven khổng lồ nine hours of sleep every 24 hours. There is some wiggle room with these numbers, but we don’t recommend sleeping fewer than six hours or more than 10 hours per day.

Let’s say you work from 9 pm khổng lồ 5 am five days per week. Assuming a moderate commute each way, this leaves you with 14-15 hours allotted khổng lồ personal time & a few options for planning your sleep schedule.

Some night shift workers prefer to get home and stay up for a few hours before going to bed, as one might vì chưng on a traditional 9-5 work schedule. Others prefer the split-nap routine. This consists of a moderate nap immediately after arriving home, a period of wakefulness, and a longer nap in the hours before work.

Experts agree both options are effective. The key is to lớn plan your sleep so that you wake up close to lớn the start time of your shift. Additionally, you should strive to lớn sleep & wake up at the same times every day, including weekends & when you’re on vacation.

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If possible, ask your supervisor if you can work the same shift every day, rather than following a rotating schedule that requires you khổng lồ work different hours for your shifts. With a steady schedule, your circadian rhythm will eventually adjust khổng lồ the work hours. A rotating schedule forces you to readjust every few days, making it hard for your body to fall into a natural hormonal rhythm.

If you must work a rotating schedule, ask your supervisor if it’s possible to lớn “rotate forward,” or rotate day lớn swing to lớn night khổng lồ morning shifts in that order. Your circadian rhythm will have an easier time adjusting to lớn this natural progression, as opposed to rotating back in the opposite direction (e.g. Going lớn bed progressively earlier instead of later) or rotating shifts in a random pattern.

Creating a Relaxing Sleep Environment

Think of your bedroom as a sleep sanctuary. You should immediately feel relaxed and ready lớn sleep as soon as you enter the room. The following sleep hygiene practices can help you achieve this goal:

Talk khổng lồ your housemates: Whether you live with your family or roommates, make sure everyone else under your roof understands the importance of your sleep time. Consider keeping your bedroom door closed to lớn minimize disruptions

If you’re sleeping in a new place or a bedroom that isn’t your own, you can customize the space lớn some extent by bringing your own sleep accessories, such as a pillow or pajamas.

How lớn Prepare for Daytime Sleep

To ensure an adequate amount of rest, you should vì chưng the following at work or at home before going lớn sleep:

Eat right: What, when, & how much you eat during work can impact your sleep. If you work an afternoon shift, you should have your main meal in the middle of the day – not the middle of your shift. Night shift workers, on the other hand, should consume a light amount of food during their shift and follow it up with a moderate breakfast. Regardless of your specific shift, sticking khổng lồ the same mealtimes every day is also recommended.Wind down when you get home: Some enjoy meditation before bed, while others prefer a warm bath or shower. Find a relaxing activity to lớn help you calm down and prepare for sleep.

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Lastly, a word about melatonin supplements. Many people take these over-the-counter sleep aids to get more rest and some people find melatonin helpful for correcting circadian rhythm issues, but you should always speak lớn your doctor before trying this medication. For some people, melatonin supplements have adverse effects on their sleep-wake rhythms.