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onthionline.net1, I has never seen such a beautiful building--> It"s the most beautiful building that I have ever seen2, I have never read such a romantic story---> It"s the most lãng mạn story that I have ever read3, They had never had such a cold winter---> It"s the coldest winter that they had ever had4, You will never meet anyone more dangerous than Mrs Jones---> Mrs Jones is the most dangerous person that you will ever meet5, Man has never had such efficient servants as computer---> Computer are the most efficient servants that man has ever hadThis is the first time I"ve been khổng lồ a night club--> I haven"t been khổng lồ a night club# They have never heard such a thing before--> this is the first time they have ever heardsuch a thing# None has challenged his authority before--> This is the first time anyone has challengedhis authority# She left university 2 years ago--> It is 2 years since she left university# My mother was the most warm-hearted person I"ve ever known--> I have never knownanyone more warm-hearted than my mother# I haven"t been able lớn see them for over a year--> It is over a year since I saw them# It stared to lớn rain at 2 o"clock--> It has rained since 2 o"clock# I have never been to lớn the ballet before--> It is the first time I have been khổng lồ the ballet# John and Mary moved khổng lồ Edinburgh twenty years ago ---> It is 20 years since John andMary moved to Edinburgh# The police started looking for him two months ago--> For two months now the policehave looked for him# I have never seen a dirtier-looking dog-->This is the first time I have seen a dirtierlooking dog (cau nay thieu "before")# Mary rang hours & hours ago-->It is hours since Mary rang# It is ages since Alan visited his parents-->Alan hasn"t visited his parents for ages# John has not had his hair cut for over six months--> It is over six months since John hadhis hair cut
# He has had it for 3 weeks--> He bought it since 3 months1/ It"s 2 years since I had a punture.--> I have had a punture for 2 years.2/ It"s 2 months since he earned any money.--> He has earned any money for 2 months.3/ He last shaved the day before yesterday.--> He hasn"t shaved the day since yesterday.4/ I last drank champagne at my brother"s wedding.--> I haven"t drunk champagne since my brother"s wedding.5/ It"s 2 years since I was last in Rome.--> I haven"t been in Rome for 2 years.6/ I saw Tom last on his wedding day.--> I haven"t seen Tom since his wedding day.7/ I last ate raw fish when I was in Japan.--> I haven"t eaten fish since I was in Japan.onthionline.net8/ It"s years since Mary last spoke French.--> Mary hasn"t spoken for years (???? vầy hả chị?)9/ It"s ten weeks since since I last had a good night sleep.-->I haven"t had a good sleep for 10 weeks.10/ He last paid taxes in 1970.--> He hasn"t paid taxes since 1970.11/ I last ate meat 5 years ago.--> I haven"t eaten meat for 5 years.12/ It"s 3 months since the windows were cleaned.--> The windows hasn"t been clearned for 3 months.13/ It"s years since I took photographs.--> I haven"t taken photographs for years(????)
14/ I last watched TV on new years"s day.--> I haven"t watched TV since new year"s day.15/ It"s 3 months since he wrote to lớn me.--> He hasn"t written lớn me for 3 months.16/ I was last paid six months ago.--> I haven"t paid for 6 months.17/ The last time I was aboard was in the summer of 1978.--> I haven"t been abroad since the summer of 1978.18/ It"s ten years since that house was lived in.--> That house hasn"t been lived for 10 years.