If you"re into Asian food or more specific Southeast Asian food, then you really have to lớn try this steamed glutinous rice with turmeric & coconut milk.

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If you have tried it already, then you know how uniquely delicious it is, right?

Well, today I"m going to show you how easy it is to make it.

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Recipe Highlights

Texture and flavour - Soft sticky rice but still with a bite to it, infused with turmeric and coconut milk for colour & flavour. It"s usually under-salted because it"s usually served together with other curries or sambal.

Level - Easy.

Diet - Gluten free.

Occasions - Whenever you want to impress your Asian food-lover friends and family. Also perfect for celebrations.

What Is Glutinous Rice?


Glutinous rice is also known as sticky rice. Why the name, you might ask, right?

It"s because when you cook it, it"ll become sticky due to lớn its high content of starch. The cooked rice grains are not loose like basmati or jasmine rice, for example.

It"s widely consumed in Asia or more specific in Southeast Asia. & you know what? You can use it in both sweet and savoury.

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In savoury dishes you usually serve it together with some curry lượt thích this delicious chicken or beef rendang or even sambal.

Sweet dishes or desserts are lượt thích my glutinous rice with pandan custard and mango sticky rice.

This particular steamed glutinous rice with turmeric is always served in celebratory events in my trang chủ country Malaysia. The thing is it"s too delicious that I don"t wait for any events to lớn serve it in my house! I mean, why would you?

Lets Talk Ingredients


Glutinous rice - It"s very trắng in colour và the grain is wide and short. Like I mentioned before, it"s also known as sticky rice. Unfortunately there"s no substitution for this rice.

Turmeric - Soaking the glutinous rice in turmeric & water is what"s going khổng lồ give our rice its beautiful natural yellow colour & flavour. You can also use fresh turmeric. Using a mortar, just bash 1 inch (2.5 cm) into a paste and use it the same way as indicated in the recipe below.

Coconut milk - Fresh or canned works great. No worries.

Do I Need to Soak The Rice?


Yes, you do.

Glutinous rice takes longer to lớn cook so soaking it will cut the cooking time shorter. In this particular recipe, soaking the rice with turmeric and water will also naturally dye it khổng lồ a beautiful yellow colour.

How Long do I Need lớn Soak The Rice?


What I always do, và how my mother always did it, is soaking the glutinous rice the night before. This way you just get it out of the way and by tomorrow it"s already ready when you want lớn cook it for lunch.

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If you didn"t plan earlier or forget, no worries. You can soak it for 4 hours only. Just know that the colour might be not as beautiful bright yellow và you might need to steam it longer.