English Sentences Focusing on Words và Their Word FamiliesThe Word "Afford" in Example SentencesPage 4
249953I can not afford
to buy a used car.CK243165I can"t afford a new oto this year.CK3150780I can only afford lớn buy a used car.CK3011214How can you afford a place lượt thích this?CK73196I can"t afford lớn waste a single yen.CK249930I cannot afford khổng lồ buy a new bicycle.CK261196I can"t afford khổng lồ buy her a new dress.CK1332082I can"t even afford lớn buy a used car.CK325563Traveling is a luxury I cannot afford.CM3150454You can"t afford to buy that, can you?CK3043629How can you afford something lượt thích this?CK249756I could not afford to pay back my debt.CK53157Jack can"t afford to buy a new bicycle.CK2264284I really can"t afford to buy this dress.sharptoothed1950668We can"t afford to lớn stay here any longer.CK1950670We can"t afford khổng lồ take risks like that.CK16048You can"t afford to lớn neglect your health.Swift2924489Tom và Mary can"t afford khổng lồ buy a house.Hybrid3147910Tom couldn"t afford a high-priced lawyer.CK252544I cannot afford a camera above 300 dollars.CM249840I"m afraid I can"t afford lớn buy a new car.CK2264212He can"t afford lớn have his reputation hurt.sharptoothed2796750I can only afford to make a partial payment.sharptoothed3150779I can"t afford khổng lồ buy all the things I want.CK1937692No one I know can afford khổng lồ eat out anymore.CK60191Can you afford lớn take a holiday this summer?Nero3150778I can"t afford lớn buy anything in this store.CK1950674We can"t afford lớn waste any more ammunition.CK1460151This car was so cheap that he could afford it.MrShoval1950658We can"t afford khổng lồ buy all the things we want.CK276222Who can afford to lớn buy such an expensive house?CK1961677I thought you said you couldn"t afford a truck.CK298499He cannot afford to lớn buy a car, much less a house.CK249958I can"t afford lớn rent a house lượt thích this in Tokyo.CK1586722The guitar is so expensive that I can"t afford it.Gulliver2599995I"d lượt thích to buy it, but I can"t afford the expense.sharptoothed319261My father couldn"t afford a car, when he was young.CK63390No one is so poor that he cannot afford lớn be neat.CM58801You can"t afford lớn be careless in this experiment.CM321843I could not afford to lớn buy a bicycle, much less a car.CK60189I"ll be able to afford a week"s vacation this summer.CK56955This book is too expensive. I can"t afford lớn buy it.CK3150623Tom and I can"t afford to lớn buy all the things we need.CK1479166Tom can barely afford to lớn pay rent let alone buy a PC.Spamster259441I can"t afford to lớn buy a used car, much less a new car.CK249954I can"t afford lớn buy a used car, much less a new one.CK3150451You could afford khổng lồ buy one of those if you wanted to.CK325544I can afford neither the time nor the money for a trip.CK39257I want a television set, but I can"t afford khổng lồ buy one.CK324776You should put aside some money when you can afford to.CK