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Iron reacts with hydrochloric acid khổng lồ produce iron(II) chloride and hydrogen gas:$$mathrmFe(mathrms)+2 mathrmHCl(mathrmaq) longrightarrow mathrmFe mathrmCl_2(mathrmaq)+mathrmH_2(mathrmg)$$The $mathrmH_2$ gas from the reaction of $2.2 mathrmg$ of iron with excess acid is collected in a $10.0-$ I. Flask at $25^circ mathrmC$. What is the pressure of the $mathrmH_2$ gas in this flask?

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were given here. The reaction between island in this audience state. Plus, I had uploaded class it. It's a Witcher operated 40. Cossette on these reaction produces I don't to hotline right being so low. Sure, plus hiding. Hire a hydrogen gas. Sorry. The, uh, volume or their flask English be escaping gas is getting collected or their works. They told him that hiding with occupy it's equal toe 10 leaders. Okay, the temperature at which these guys is gonna be collected Gonna be 25 Seltzer's blinker. We need to find the pressure that these resulting gas is exerting in the flask. Okay, so if we need khổng lồ find the pressure of the gas, the base wayto bởi That is by using. They giảm giá gas expression, the product off pressure and volume ankles, the amount of cast, the moles times the ideal gas, constant times the temperature in Calvin's. So we need khổng lồ find the pressure. We have the volume, which is a volume of the container. Um, we don't have the amount off gas that is gonna be collected. We are is a constant. We find it on. We have the temperature here, so we don't have beat we don't have in. But that is a way we can find over because we know or we have the information. That's two point two grams off IDM. He's gonna react with access. Ah, Fredo, Cody Cassidy. Therefore, the gas the mass off gas that is gonna be obtained will depend on the amount of thành tựu that reacted on 2.2 grams of either completely B I. Therefore, we need lớn find a mass off tòa tháp out off. Uh, every ledge is the committed relationship between item hydrogen gas. This is questions violence. Therefore, we know now that one mole off items will produce one more off hydrogen gas on This is the more racial that we're going lớn stab bridge between thắng lợi on Hydra Inga.

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We have one more tòa tháp to one more off hiding guys. We need khổng lồ convert these small relationship the small ratio into a mass racial because information is giving in mass, although we need lớn find end. So we can also convert these 2.2 grams into malls và we're gonna get directly the most off hydrogen and that's they way. I prefer so lớn convert these 2.2 brands off thành quả in two moles. Well, we have to bởi vì is divide. By that time. Weight off island, which is 55 0.85 grants. Permal grounds will cancel & we are left with moles in the nominator off. Denominator, therefore, is gonna be an imitator. This is toe to lớn toe divided by 55.85 & we get zero point 03939 most Okay, um, now we can use this more racial who find their bones off. Um, hydrogen, if they re If one mole of idle react with one more A produce one more of higher again, then it's, you know, going 0394 I'm going to just make an approximation. Moles off island we produce also 0.39 months of fighting look good. I just I had a bullet fighting. Therefore would we already have? & no, the pressure is going lớn be eagle toe và are to over divorce this analyzed information. Now that we have và is in mole, this is fine. I they are that we're gonna use is that one that contains millimeters of mercury. Ah, và they were gonna get the pressure in millimeters of mercury. They don't ask us for the specific unit of pressure, but let's use millimeters of mercury. So let's use par with a unit. Give any minute with millimeters of mercury 62 0.36 leaders millimeters supply Khoury molds và they got one Kilby near. Before you go, temperature is given insults is we need to lớn convert it toe killed them. We need khổng lồ transfer these cells just into this killing scale by our team to lớn 76 khổng lồ 73 just to lớn 98. Tell me on volume facing leader, which is the right unit, the pressure is therefore when we substitute you go to lớn en, which is subtle. Point 0394 moles times are 62 0.36 leaders millimeters of Mercury. More thing if one gathering, they got this warrant times two 98 killed in. & we divide all of this by the volume ringleaders. Moms will concert with this multiple negative. Why is leading with this leader this going to the negative one with this building and we are left with millimeters of mercury which is a unit off gas. All this left to bởi vì is tow this later calculation here. Point 394 Time. 62.36 times lớn 98 divided by 10. Và we get 73 point to need meter, summer career and this is the answer.