Pros and cons of the nuclear family

An extended family can be defined as that type of family inwhich there are fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers,sisters, and cousins. In fact, in an extended family, one can find a number ofnuclear families. An extended family goes beyond just a father, mother, andchildren. In some extreme cases, the number of members in an extended familycan run into hundreds & a small community could be made up of first, secondand many distant cousins.

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One of the advantages of an extended family system is thekind of security it offers lớn the members of the family. The adage that thereis protection in numbers comes to lớn play in a situation like this. In an extendedfamily, for example, members believe that they have people on whom they cancount on in times of trouble và even in good times. One of the occasions onwhich numbers count is during funerals or weddings. On occasions like this, thebereaved family or the couple has people to lớn help in organizing the occasion toensure it succeeds.
Another advantage of the extended family system is the way itbrings about unity in the entire community by virtue of unity in the family.The blood relationship that exists among all the cousins, sisters, brothers,mothers, fathers, etc., brings about peace and this peace leads to unity thatextends into the larger society.
It has also been observed that in times of financial oremotional crisis, the members of the family are able to lớn secure help fromwealthier and older family members. A boy qualifies for the university but thebiological father cannot pay the fees. An uncle could volunteer lớn sponsor theeducation of that person. A sister is about to lớn get married & all the brothersand cousins come together khổng lồ offer help both financially và in kind. A mancould die leaving the children with no inheritance or support. The uncles andaunties could take over and raise the children on behalf of the deceased brother.This cannot be found in a nuclear family system.
An extended family, the children are brought up not onlyby the biological parents but also by other older members of the family such asaunties & uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers. One benefit of this way ofraising children is that the children are brought up to fit into the largercommunity or society. The tendency toward waywardness is drastically reduced.

One of the disadvantages of the extended family system isthat some members tend lớn exhibit lazy attitudes towards life. Some members thinkthat since uncles & aunties are there to lớn give support, they can sit down anddo no work. Some are eager lớn inherit their uncles và sometimes even wish themdead before their time is due.

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Another disadvantage of an extended family system is thatquarrels result after the death of a thành viên concerning who gets what part ofhis or her estate. While a rich member is still alive, some family members beginto target particular properties of theirs khổng lồ get hold of when they eventuallydie. This does not augur well for the unity of the family.
Also, the extended family system is such that sometimes peoplehave khổng lồ live together in family houses. Consequently, people have theopportunity lớn pass comments on the good or bad behaviours of other members.This may sometimes lead khổng lồ quarrels. There is also mở cửa interference in themarriages of couples living within the family compound. Some are openlyencouraged to lớn get a divorce. This may affect negatively a marriage that could otherwisehave been successful.

In an extended family system, there is always an unwritten codethat the well to bởi vì must take care of the less fortunate. It is almost a crimefor a rich thành viên of the family to refuse khổng lồ help another thành viên of the family.This puts a lot of financial pressure on the rich members of the family. Itsometimes even leads some family members lớn engage in corrupt practices inorder khổng lồ be able to lớn continue to tư vấn their own.
Last but not least, in an extended family system, leadershipcan sometimes be determined by how deep a person’s pocket is. Some members areinfluenced by the largess they get from a rich member and therefore are wont toaccord that rich thành viên more respect that the natural leaders of the family.

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