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A lotof people decide tomove tothe countryside nowadays. However, there arestill many people whoprefer stay inthe town andsay that they couldn"t live anywhere else. Sowhich place isbetter tolive? Let"s think about both ofthem.

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I would like tostart with theadvantages anddisadvantages ofthe bigcity life. Living insuch abig city hasa lotof advantages. There isa bigoffer howto spend không tính phí time. There area lotof theatres, concerts andother ways ofentertainment. There isalways alot todo andvisit! There area lotof possibilities ofshopping. Invarious shopping centres andgalleries youcan buywhatever youwant. What ismore, there area lotof working places ina city. Many biginternational companies have their locations inthe cities, soit ismuch easier tofind ajob ina bigcity. Moreover, thepublic transport isdeveloped quite well, sothe commuting towork isn"t aproblem. Onthe other hand, there aresome disadvantages ofliving ina bigcity. Cities arevery crowded. Everywhere there arecrowds: onthe pavements andin thebuses. What ismore, thetraffic isheavy andcity"s carparks arealways very full. Sometimes itis very difficult toget from agiven place toanother. Itmay take hours! Moreover, theother disadvantage isthe safety ina city, butactually thelack ofsafety. There isa bigcrime rates incities. Soyou have tobe very careful atnights when youleave your home.

I think that inthe country theproblem ofcrime isn"t sobig. There aren"t somany people andthey usually know each other well. Thepossibility ofrobbery orother crime isrelatively lower. Life inthe countryside ismore peaceful andthe life isalso slower. What ismore, itis less stressful. There isn"t anytime pressure andthe traffic conditions arebetter. Alot ofplaces youmay reach onfoot.

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The thành phố offers alot: there arehuge buildings, skyscrapers orsome historic monuments. Onthe other hand, inthe countryside there area lotof breathtaking sceneries, space andother amazing places such asforests, lakes ormountains. Moreover, people inthe countryside arequite different than people living inthe city: they arerelaxed, friendly andfamily-oriented. People inthe đô thị arelike ants. They arealways inhurry, busy andout oftime. Inthe country people enjoy lives andtake pleasure intheir daily activities. Asa disadvantage ofliving inthe countryside wemay consider thecommuting problems. People whostay inthe countryside often have towork inthe nearest cities, soit maytake alot oftime toget toit. However, theliving costs inthe country aremuch lower, thevariety ofproducts inshops issmaller.

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To sumup Iwould like tosay that both countryside andcity have some advantages anddisadvantages. Both city andcountry maybe agood place tolive. However Iwill stay inthe đô thị till Iretire. Then Iwould lượt thích tomove tothe country tohave arest. Ithink that everyone ofus will take into consideration allaspects before hedecides tomove tothe country.