Ielts Speaking Part 2: Describe Something You Own

Where did you get it from?How long you have had it?What do you use it for?And explain why it is important lớn you.

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Sample Answer 1

After getting my first job, I bought my first máy tính xách tay on an online portal because although I got one from my office, I needed to vì my research and improve my knacks for better prospects. Earlier, I had a second-hand desktop that I succeeded from my elder brother. 


Since the day of unboxing, it has been my constant companion for five years now. I spend hours completing my office projects from home and work on out-of-office activities to lớn enhance my skillset for further scopes professionally. Other than that, it helped me overcome bad days by connecting me to lớn my close ones at trang chủ through Skype or diverting my mind by watching movies before the advent of the điện thoại counterpart. Rarely do I play games on it, but when I go home, one of my nieces uses it to lớn show her talent in painting. 

My máy tính is very vital for me in my professional và personal life. While it gives me the option to connect with various worldwide platforms so that I can learn new things every day, it also gives me the hope that I am not alone in the world as I see the smiling faces of my parents và friends on its screen. Moreover, I get inspiration from the various struggles of many great personalities who had fought on và ultimately won the race in their own way.

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Interpretation: assumptionEg: This interpretation of the theory is quite interesting.Canvas: blank sheet to lớn paint onEg: She bought a canvas lớn paint the mountains.Mood booster: To lift someone’s moodEg: Sara’s music is a mood booster for everyone who listens lớn it. Passion: loveEg: You should not give up on your passion.

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Sample Answer 2

There is something dear khổng lồ every person. For me, it would be my màu sắc palettes, crayons, colors, and brushes. Most of them are bought by my parents. Some of them are gifted. All my loved ones know my love và passion for painting, arts, và crafts.

I have had them for a long time. I use up one file & buy another. My parents actually don’t mind me buying paints & colors as long as I am not wasting them.

I use my cherished sets for my paintings, and I believe that art speaks the thoughts of its creator. In my opinion, painting is just lượt thích writing poetry. You can tell a complete story in a single painting, & most astonishingly, it is open to all interpretations. So, during my leisure time, you will mostly find me sitting with my blank canvas & filling it up beautifully with paints.

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I have had a passion for painting since I was a kid. I would scribble trees & a hut on a page and label it my home. Although, I have had a few ground rules. Firstly, the rivers should always pass between two mountains, & secondly, the sun has khổng lồ be visible halfway from one side of the page or between the two mountains. When I look back at these paintings that my mother had carefully preserved, they do not make any sense now, but I remember how they made me happy once. I still have those piled-up papers in my cupboard. Whenever I see them, it makes me smile và realize how my mood booster had been since I was a kid.