How To Combine Sentences With Relative Pronouns In English By Vandana Mam


Relative pronouns are pronouns that give us more information about a noun in a sentence. They also help us combine two sentences into one. We know that a pronoun takes the place of a noun. Relative pronouns, however, are a little different. Instead of replacing a noun, they “relate” khổng lồ it by giving us more information about it. Lượt thích any pronoun, relative pronouns can be used with subjects, objects, or lớn show possession. In this posting I talk about how khổng lồ use relative pronouns. I include many example sentences. The download at the over will give you additional practice combining sentences và getting more information using relative pronouns.

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There are 5 relative pronouns: who, whom, whose, that, & which. Let is look at each one.

Relative pronouns that we use with people

who–This relative pronoun is always used along with the subject of a sentence. Look at these sentences:

My mother speaks 3 languages. My mother was born in Europe.

My mother, who speaks 3 languages, was born in Europe.

The word car is the direct object of the sentence. If we combine the two, this is what we have:

My uncle, from whom I received a oto as a present, is a doctor.

When we combine them, this is what we have:

This is Sarah, whom you met at my các buổi tiệc nhỏ last week. Note that the word novel is a direct object in the first sentence. When we combine the sentences, novel will become the subject, & that will relate to lớn it.

The mystery novel that I read was very exciting. Note that house is the object. It will also be the object when the sentence is combined.

Joseph built a new house that is beautifully decorated.

2. which–The relative pronoun which can also be used with both a subject & an object. Which has the same meaning as that.

Here is an example of which used with a subject.

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I bought a used car. It caused me trouble.

Below is an example of which relating to an object.

They used money khổng lồ buy their new washing machine. The money came from their savings account. Note that in the combined sentence, the word money becomes the object of a preposition.

If we go back lớn the car, we can use which to relate to an object as well.

A relative pronoun lớn use with people và things

The relative pronoun whose shows possession. We can use it to lớn show possession for both people và things. Look at the following sentences. The show whose relating to lớn people.

My cousin is living in a hotel. His house burned down last week.

Here is another example.

Bob Smith is a terrible tennis player. His father plays tennis professionally.

Here is an example of whose as it relates to lớn showing possession for a thing.

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My oto is in the shop. Its brakes failed.

You now know that there are 5 relative pronouns: who, whom, whose, that, and which. They can be used as subjects, objects, or to lớn show possession. They give us more information about the subject or object of the sentence. We also use them khổng lồ combine two sentences into one. The tải về will give you more practice combining sentences using relative pronouns.

You can download the practice sheet now!

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