Choose The Word That Has A Different Stress Pattern


This page shows the way in which the meaning of a word can change if you bức xúc a different syllable. This change only happens with a few, specific words, many of which are listed here — it doesn’t apply to lớn all words in the English language. Most of the words are two syllables long — there are just a few examples with three syllables.

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The examples fall into two categories:

Those which keep the same general meaning, but which change from noun to lớn verb when the bít tất tay moves from the first lớn the second syllable.Those which change their meaning completely — most of them change from noun lớn verb, but a few change to lớn an adjective.

1. Change from noun khổng lồ verb, same general meaning:

addictADD-ictRob is a crack cocaine ADD-ict. (Rob is a person who uses crack cocaine và cannot stop doing it)
add-ICTIf you keep playing that game, you will get add-ICT-ed to lớn it! (you will become an addict)
conflictCON-flictThe two friends were in CON-flict. (didn’t agree about something)
con-FLICTYour two accounts of what happened con-FLICT. (your stories don’t agree with each other)
contestCON-testHe is taking part in a boxing CON-test. (a fighting competition)
con-TESTI’m sorry, I have to con-TEST your figures. (I can’t agree with your figures)
contrastCON-trastThere’s quite a CON-trast between their political views. (a big difference)
con-TRASTI will compare và con-TRAST these two poems. (show the differences between them)
convertCON-vertHe is a CON-vert lớn Buddhism. (he has changed his religion)
con-VERTI’m sorry, you will never con-VERT me. (you will never persuade me khổng lồ change my beliefs/opinions)
decreaseDE-creaseThere has been a DE-crease in sales recently. (we have sold less than usual)
de-CREASEWe need to lớn de-CREASE the number of children in the class to lớn make it more effective.

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importIM-portCoffee is an IM-port from Brazil. (coffee is brought here from Brazil)
im-PORTWe would lượt thích to im-PORT more coffee over the next few years.

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increaseIN-creaseThere has been an IN-crease in accidents recently. (there have been more accidents)
in-CREASEWe need khổng lồ in-CREASE our sales figures. (sell more)
insultIN-sultWhat she said felt lượt thích an IN-sult. (she said something bad)
in-SULTPlease don’t in-SULT me(don’t say bad things to lớn me)
perfectPER-fectYour homework is PER-fect. (it has no mistakes in it)
per-FECTWe need lớn per-FECT our thiết kế before we can put this new sản phẩm on the market. (we need to lớn improve it)
permitPER-mitDo you have a PER-mit lớn drive this lorry?. (document giving permission)
per-MITWill you per-MIT me lớn park my oto in front of your house? (allow me)
pervertPER-vertNiharika is a PER-vert. (she has strange sexual preferences)
per-VERTThe man was arrested on a charge of attempting to lớn per-VERT the course of justice. (interfering with the proper workings of the legal process)
presentPRES-entShe gave me a nice PRES-ent on my birthday.(gift)
pre-SENTAllow me lớn pres-ENT my friend, David. (introduce)
producePRO-duceThey sell all kinds of PRO-duce at the market. (fruit and vegetables)
pro-DUCEHow did the magician manage khổng lồ pro-DUCE a rabbit from his vị trí cao nhất hat? (bring out)
protestPRO-testThere was a political PRO-test going on in the street. (demonstration)
pro-TESTI had to lớn pro-TEST about the dirty state of the kitchen. (complain)
recallRE-callThe actor was given a RE-call. (called back, invited for a second audition)
re-CALLI can’t re-CALL the first time I rode a bicycle. (remember)
recordRE-cordShe always keeps a RE-cord of what she spends every month. (note)
re-CORDIt’s important khổng lồ re-CORD how much you spend every month. (make a note of)
rejectRE-jectThe tác phẩm in this box is a RE-ject. (not good enough to sell)
re-JECTWe have decided lớn re-JECT the building proposal as it would have cost too much money. (turn down, say no to)
suspectSUS-pectThe police interviewed the SUS-pect for five hours, but then let him go. (someone they thought might have committed a crime)
sus-PECTI sus-PECT that tree will have lớn be cut down, before it falls và causes some damage. (have a feeling, think, imagine)

2. Change from noun khổng lồ verb or noun lớn adjective, different meaning:

addressAD-dressDo you know Valen’s AD-dress? (where she lives)
ad-DRESSYou vày not have permission to lớn ad-DRESS President Harkonnen! (to speak khổng lồ him directly)
attributeAT-trib-uteDishonesty is a common ATT-rib-ute of politicians. (a trait/characteristic)
at-TRIB-uteThat quote is at-TRIB-u-ted lớn Winston Churchill. (considered to be first said/created by him)
conductCON-ductWe aren’t happy about your general CON-duct. (the way you’re behaving)
con-DUCTI was asked to lớn con-DUCT the orchestra at short notice. (coordinate a musical performance by waving a baton)
consoleCON-soleI spend too much time at my computer CON-sole. (screen and controls)
con-SOLEShe was so unhappy, I was unable to lớn con-SOLE her. (make her feel better)
contentCON-tentThe CON-tent of your essay is fine, but you need to rearrange the structure. (what it contains)
con-TENT (adj.)She was sitting reading a book, looking very con-TENT. (relaxed, peaceful)
converseCON-verseDo you think firm A is more successful than firm B? I think the CON-verse is true. (opposite)
con-VERSEHe can con-VERSE in three different languages. (have conversations)
defaultDE-faultThe DE-fault settings of that TV are bad, but you can configure it differently. (the settings it comes with it when you get it)
de-FAULTJon de-FAULT-ed on his loan payments. (he did not make the required payments)
desertDES-ertThe army marched through the DES-ert. (eg Sahara)
des-ERTI wouldn’t advise you to lớn des-ERT the army, as it will get you into trouble. (leave without permission)
entranceEN-tranceThe EN-trance to the building was locked. (way in)
en-TRANCEAre you trying khổng lồ en-TRANCE me? (hypnotise me, put me into a trance)
exploitEX-ploitHe’s always talking about some EX-ploit from his war years. (exciting experience, adventure)
ex-PLOITSome companies ex-PLOIT their staff by expecting them khổng lồ work overtime for no extra pay. (take advantage of)
extractEX-tractShe read me an EX-tract from her new novel. (short section)
ex-TRACTThe dentist says he needs khổng lồ ex-TRACT one of my teeth. (remove, pull out, take out)
invalidIN-val-idAfter his accident he was an IN-val-id for nearly a year, but he’s ok again now. (was disabled, had mobility problems)
in-VAL-id (adj.)I’m sorry, your passport is in-VAL-id, as it expired two months ago. (can’t be used)
objectOB-jectWhat is that OB-ject over there? (thing)
ob-JECTWould anyone ob-JECT if I opened a window? (complain)
projectPRO-jectThis PRO-ject should be completed next month. (piece of work)
pro-JECTWe could pro-JECT the film onto that blank wall. (show, display)
refuseREF-useWe have our REF-use collected on a Thursday. (rubbish, garbage)
re-FUSEChocolate cake? How can I re-FUSE! (say no)
subjectSUB-jectWhat is the SUB-ject of today’s lesson? (topic)
sub-JECTOh dear, our teacher is going to sub-JECT us to another test. (impose on us, make us endure)