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articleVereecke1990CalculationOT, title=Calculation of the Solubility Diagrams in the System Ca(oh)2-h3po4-koh-hno3-co2-h2o, author=Guy Vereecke và Jacques Lema^itre, journal=Journal of Crystal Growth, year=1990, volume=104, pages=820-832Published 1 September 1990Materials ScienceJournal of Crystal Growth

Stability analysis of hydroxyapatite in the system P-Ca-H2O aided prediction of the mechanisms of dephosphorization from the high phosphorus iron ore by hydrometallurgy process

Stability of hydroxyapatite (HA) in the system P-Ca-H2 O at room temperature (298 K) & elevated temperature (363 K) were analyzed in terms of log

-pH diagrams lớn discuss the mechanisms of… Expand
The solubility product (Ksp) of OH-carbonated hydroxyapatite was measured in a 0.1 M acetic acid and sodium acetate buffer solution in a pH range of 4.0-5.8 at a CO2 partial pressure of 10(-3.52) atm và increased with the increase of carbonate nội dung and decreased with the decrease of pH.Expand

Variations in solution chemistry during calcium-deficient & stoichiometric hydroxyapatite formation from CaHPO4.2H2O và Ca4(PO4)2O.

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It was found that the dissolution of TetCP was rate limiting for both hydroxyapatite (HAp) compositions at all three temperatures, however, the retrograde solubility and incongruent dissolution of DCPD became increasingly important in influencing the kinetics as the reaction temperature was increased.Expand
Monitoring pH changes and composition of solid phases found that at any time up khổng lồ 24 h, the pHs were higher for slurries with higher TTCP/DCPA molar ratios, whereas at pH 10, DCPA was consumed more rapidly than TTCP; at both pHs, OHAp was the only product formed.Expand
A magnesium inorganic chemical activity many times greater than that in biological fluids is required before inhibition of hydroxyapatite formation is realized and the large inhibitory effect of agitation suggests quiescent systems are more suitable for determining the kinetics of HAp formation.Expand
Hydrolysis of calcite was investigated in 0.1 mol/L KH2PO4/KB2PO4 solutions with various pHs between 4.5 and 8.5 at 60•Ž by means of solution analyses (pH, Ca and phường concentrations), X-ray… Expand
The activity hàng hóa of tetracalcium phosphate (TTCP, Ca4(PO4)2O), was determined at 37°C, và the hydrolysis of TTCP was investigated in 0.01–0.1 mol l−1 H3PO4 và KH2PO4 solutions by means of… Expand
Abstract: Powder mixtures of α-Ca3(PO4)2, Ca(H2PO4)2, & CaCO3 were investigated to assess their potential for the precipitation of a carbonated apatite suitable for cement applications from a… Expand

A thermodynamic solution mã sản phẩm for calcium carbonate: Towards an understanding of multi-equilibria precipitation pathways.

Comparative study on the resorbability and dissolution behavior of octacalcium phosphate, β-tricalcium phosphate, & hydroxyapatite under physiological conditions.

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Findings suggest that previously reported OCP & β-TCP biodegradation could be induced through cell-mediated osteoclastic resorption rather than a simple dissolution process.Expand
The solubility product of octacalcium phosphate has been determined in the system Ca(OH)2-H3PO 4KNO3-H2O at 37°C in experiments involving a range of hydrodynamics, ionic… Expand
The existence of a maximum in K s in the neighborhood of 25 °C is plausible on the basis of available thermodynamic data for DCPD, andThermodynamic functions are reported for the solution of DCPD và for the association of the ion pairs.Expand

An investigation of the theoretical background for the stability of the calcium-phosphate salts & their mutual conversion in aqueous solutions.

The dissociation equilibria of phosphoric acid were studied potentiometrically using a hydrogen-electrode concentration cell to 300°C at KCl concentrations up to lớn 1.0m. Least-squares analysis of data… Expand
The system NaH2PO4−NaClO4 has been studied from 0.15 khổng lồ 7.0 mole-kg−1 at 25°C by the isopiestic method. The excess không tính phí energy of mixing is large & positive. The results confirm the formation of… Expand

The solubilities of calcite, aragonite & vaterite in CO2-H2O solutions between 0 and 90°C, & an evaluation of the aqueous mã sản phẩm for the system CaCO3-CO2-H2O

The self-dissociation of water has been studied over the temperature range from 0 khổng lồ 300°C & in KCl truyền thông media from 0.02m to 2.7m. Also, isothermal pressure coefficients of the dissociation quotients… Expand
Lewis & Randall2 in 1923 published a table of 26 individual ionic activity coefficients, which has subsequently been of frequent use to chemists. The authors emphasized, however, that the presented… Expand

Calcium phosphate cements: kích hoạt of setting regulators on the properties of the beta-tricalcium phosphate-monocalcium phosphate cements.

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