Let"s talk about advantages & disadvantages of rural life.

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Some people grow up in a rural area (= an area in the country), whereas other people grow up in an urban area (= in a city).country = countrysideWHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF RURAL LIFE?There is a lot of miễn phí space available in the countryside.The country / countryside offers us a lot more land lớn live on.You can live in your own house with your own private garden.You can easily go for a walk outside your house.You"re surrounded by beautifulsceneryand you can walk in the countryside.Thepace of lifeis slower and more relaxed.You getpeace and quiet.You get fresh air.People live in close communities và they know each other.WHAT ARE THE DISADVANTAGES OF RURAL LIFE?Road networks are usually in poor condition.Public transport ishopeless.There aren"t many shops. / You don"t get many shops.There isn"t muchprivacybecause everyone knows what you are doing.There isn"t much nightlife.There aren"tmanyeducational facilities.People in the countrysidelackaccess lớn modern health care.

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What else can you think of?You can showroom more answers khổng lồ the list.Leave a bình luận below!TASKS:Read our lesson aboutadvantages & disadvantages of urban lifeand write down a comparison between living in the city and in the countryside. You can give examples and explain why you prefer living where you are.Think about whether you would move in the future.​VOCABULARYscenery- the appearance of the natural environment, such as mountains, valleys, rivers and forests, when you are thinking aboutthem as being attractive & beautifulbeautiful / lovely / breathtaking / spectacular sceneryBrE/ˈsiːnəri/pace of life- the speed at which something changespeace and quiet- a place that is quiet and calmhopeless- terribleprivacy- private lifeeducational facilities- kindergarten, school, college, university, libraryto lack- lớn have none or not enough of somethingTIPS:Learn new vocabulary in context.Learn complete sentences.

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